How to build a site??

  Madpad_001 21:56 14 Apr 2004

Hello I am totaly new to website building & I wound like to lrean how to do it. Is there any good teaching sites out there to help me & wound I need and software to build the site???

  Holographic_man 22:00 14 Apr 2004

What sort of web site do you want to build?

  Madpad_001 22:03 14 Apr 2004

It is to do with my wifes hoppy for creating plastic modells that she wants to show off.

  Taran 22:19 14 Apr 2004

Well, there are quite a few ways to get started.

Some useful sites to begin with for resource material and tutorials:

click here

click here

click here

click here

An excellent and free HTML editor called HTML Kit can be downloaded if you click here

This is a code editor, not a visual editor, but it is superb and I highly recommend it. I do a great deal of work with it and if you want to learn web design from a coders point of view you'd be hard pressed to find a better program.

Take a look around some sites on the web and have a think about what you like and why. Make some notes, sketch out some possible layouts and then play around trying to make them using your web editing software.

If you are lucky enough to have Microsoft FrontPage installed as part of the Office suite, you can use it to good effect to create your web sites.

Don't be fooled into marching out and buying Dreamweaver and don't listen to anyone who says it is the one and only "must have" web editing program. You can create excellent sites with a variety of software programs, and while Dreamweaver is superb it has its flaws and is both expensive and comparatively difficult to learn.

One of the best programs to invest in is called NetObjects Fusion click here

It is fairly easy to use but can create some very complex projects, and it is less than one third of the cost of Dreamweaver.

The latest copy of PC Advisor has NetObjects Fusion on the cover CD. It is an older version of the program but still very capable, and for the cost of buying the magazine it has to be worth ivesting in. It is a visual editor, often refered to as WYSIWYG, which stands for What you See Is What You Get. This means you see what the page looks like as you work on it, rather than writing code and making your page that way.

Have a good think about what you might like to design a site about - perhaps you have a hobby or interest you could wax lyrical on. Prepare some text copy for the pages of your site and get some suitable images. Re-size your pictures using an image editor and save them as jpeg files for the web.

I think the best way to learn is by doing, so once you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, just go for it. Make it, break it, put it back together again and start all over. This is the best learning environment you will ever find, where you aren't risking anything but your time and everything you try to do teaches you something.

Your ISP will normally offer you some web space as part of your internet account, so you can upload your web page[s] to this space to test them online.

If you get stuck with specific problems you can always ask in this forum. There are one or two busy web designers in here !

This is obviously very general, but it should help to get you started. If you want to ask anything on a particular topic, post again.

Good luck with it.



  User-312386 22:58 14 Apr 2004

I started off with serif webplus 6 click here this is a free download and a good starting point

serif is very easy to use for first time builders

  Madpad_001 23:25 14 Apr 2004

That has been a great help will go and have some fun now & will get back when I have finished playing. But once again thanks

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