How to build a page (FP2003) with log in features?

  Revi 19:04 14 Dec 2004

In my site I have a page (made in Frontpage 2003) with product specifications and prices and I would like this page to be accessible only to a special few. They should be able to log on to my site (or just this one particular page) with a member name and password which only I can formulate. I should also be able to change the member name and password as and when I like. The question is, is this possible with Frontpage 2003 and if so how?

  Taran 09:45 15 Dec 2004

Try this thread click here for a couple of possibilities to start out with.

FrontPage also has a subweb feature, where you can run a website within a website, and you can give user access permissions to the subweb. Try this link click here for some general information on subwebs.

A full log-in system for user authentication is always most secure, but you need server-side scripting support (PHP or ASP are the most common) and a database is almost completely necessary, although there are some solutions using plain text files.

The Spooky Login suite is a possile start for you:

click here

If you browse the click here site there are loads of alternatives in all the mianstream dynamic languages for user authentication and password protection, many of which are free.

That should kick you off to a start at least.


  Revi 11:38 15 Dec 2004

Many thanks for the comprehensive information. Will have a go at it. Hope I'll succeed!

  megat193 21:55 15 Dec 2004

Whilst bowing to the superior knowledge of Taran, may I add that with 1and1 hosting, both Linux and MSWindows, there is a facility to password-protect folders. Whilst the username and password would be the same for all users, it does provide security, and the password can be changed at any time. I am sure Taran would be able to say whether this is a normal feature for other web hosting services. I run a boys club website, and keep player profiles and photos safe from the public eye on pages in a protected folder which only the members have access to.

  Taran 01:36 16 Dec 2004

You are right in that most good web hosts provide password protected directories but often this is at its simplest level, with a single username and password. That said, some hosts do provide multiple user password protected directories and if you have this available to you it would certainly be the most efficient solution in the short term.


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