How to boot from USB?

  Ray5776 15:30 19 Aug 2006

Hi all,
As the title suggests how can I boot from a USB device (memory stick) In BIOS I get the options
HDDs CDorDVD Floppy Other. If I disable all apart from other it will boot from HDD and not the USB.
Could be that the BIOS does not support USB, can this be upgraded?

  Stuartli 16:06 19 Aug 2006
  ade.h 16:08 19 Aug 2006

Looking at my own manuals, they all have that option in the boot list (where you have been looking) but it is possible for some BIOS versions to require this fetaure to be enabled in the USB section first. It is also conceivable that it doesn't permit it at all of course.

  Ray5776 19:07 19 Aug 2006

i am looking in the BIOS at boot options but cannot see how to enable the USB option

  Quiller. 19:12 19 Aug 2006

What is the make and model of your motherboard.

  woodchip 19:16 19 Aug 2006

You should set the first device to "other" in the BIOS for it to boot from the Stick

  kestrel10 19:17 19 Aug 2006

I think you will find that it is only newer motherboards with up to date BIOS's that will allow booting from USB devices. I dought if this could be rectified with a BIOS update unless your mobo is fairly new.

  woodchip 19:20 19 Aug 2006

If it say's other then it should boot from USB

  Ray5776 20:04 19 Aug 2006

Ok thanks, one thing at a time,

The motherboard is MSI MS-6585.
The BIOS is AMI BIOS ver 3.31
according to the link from Stuartli Amibois Simple setyp utility is required?

I don`t have the option of making "other device" the first choice. I have first, second and third choices in the BIOS all of which can be changed as normal, there is a forth choice of "other device" but this can only be set to yes or no. If I set it to yes and disable all other options in the BIOS it will boot from the IDE drive even though is has been disabled.

I have a feeling that this BIOS does not support USB but if it does I would like to set it up.

  Ray5776 20:12 19 Aug 2006

Reading Stuarlies links in more depth I think that my mobo does not support USB boot device. I would be happy if I am wrong

  Quiller. 20:24 19 Aug 2006

The 6585 manual says click here

Yet the bios just goes upto 1.5 click here and yours is 3.31

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