How to block facebbok with kaspersky 2011

  julius44 19:39 20 Feb 2011

Hello and good evening, my friend just rang me, as he says that he wishes to block facebook on their home Pc, so that his 15 year old daughter cannot access it on the home PC, as she seems to be on the site 24/7, when she's meant to be doing her homework. Neither he nor anyone else in the house has a facebook account, so it deosn't matter to him,
but he just needs it blocked for the meantime...

He uses Kaspersky internet 2011. Any suggestions please??

  wolfie3000 20:02 20 Feb 2011

You can block it by going to control panel then click internet options then click on the secuirity tab then click on restricted sites and click the sites button,
Then type in * then click add site.

  julius44 20:06 20 Feb 2011

Thanks wolfie, but i.m slightly confused, do u mean control panel from the desktop please??

  wolfie3000 20:08 20 Feb 2011

Well if its windows XP you are using then click on the start button then it should be listed there, or click on my computer and its listed there too.

  Woolwell 10:24 21 Feb 2011

Kaspersky Internet 2011 has Parental Control settings and these include time of internet access, instant messaging, etc. The help section of Kaspersky gives full instructions. There is a password to access the settings so that this is known only to the parent. Kaspersky also has a section on social networks allowing some contacts to be blocked, and viewing of activity.
Since everyone in my household is adult I don't use these settings. A snag that I can see is that it appears to limit internet access rather than just Facebook. If the daughter wanted to access the internet for homework then it might be locked too. However the settings may be more flexible than that.

  julius44 07:21 22 Feb 2011

thanks woolwell, pls could u direct me to the help section as per kaspersky pls, many thanks

  Woolwell 10:18 22 Feb 2011

Open Kaspersky and bottom left is a link to help.

  Woolwell 10:19 22 Feb 2011

Also click here

  OCRIDION 01:01 23 Feb 2011

Kaspersky blocks many sites instead of just 1. I don't like Kaspersky alot though I have had it in the house for a few years. My personal method for blocking a site is blocking the UDP receiving port of any connection to the Facebook IP.

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