How to back up data FROM an Iomega Home NAS

  pjevlc 13:48 12 Jan 2011

I hope that I have the right forum, if not then please let me know which one I should go to and I will re-post (or if there’s a way of moving it, please let me know and I will do that).

I have an Iomega 500GB Home Media Network Drive which I purchased early last (2010) year.

Touching wood as I say this, I have found the product easy to use and fit for the purpose I purchased it for and not had any problesm with set-up or use.

Reason for my purchase was for backing up the laptops and desktop (which are currently running on a mix of XP & Vista) in use within my home, central file storage / sahring and also, storage and access of all my digital media so it could be used on various devices within my home.

Recently, I began to think of what if this NAS fails or becomes damaged as while I back up to it, I currently have no way of backing up the NAS itself. I have Symantec save & restore on each laptop / desktop in use, and that will not allow me to back up FROM the NAS (no issue whatsoever backing up to it.)

I could just make a copy of all the data on there and stick it on to another device (which I probably will do just in the short term at least), but clearly that is not ideal to have to do (with over 250 GB on there already and growing, would take some time to!).

Are there any suitable products available that people can recommend running to make a full backup and then, incremental ones at whatever interval I deem suitable?



  pjevlc 15:25 13 Jan 2011

Did some research & found SyncToy 2.1 does just what I needed to do, downloaded it, set it up, did backups and test backups (set my shares to the "echo" mode) and everything works juat fine.

SyncToy to me seems like an excellent tool that I am surprised MS do not a bigger song & dance about.

  GaT7 15:47 13 Jan 2011

"SyncToy to me seems like an excellent tool that I am surprised MS do not a bigger song & dance about."

Possibly because it's not a 'true' backup tool in the real sense - like an imaging program for instance.

Read DieSse's comments in this PCA thread click here. G

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