How to attach ?

  EARLR 16:17 27 Nov 2009

a tracert result to an email.

Does anyone know how ?


  Noldi 16:16 27 Nov 2009

Save as a text file.
Then attach as normal (Drag and drop into mail).

If I understand your question correctly.


  Noldi 16:19 27 Nov 2009

Wow I knew I was fast but that is quick, faster than the question.


  iscanut 16:22 27 Nov 2009

Cut and paste into a text editor (Notepad ) or Word, save the doc and then attach to email in usual way.

  EARLR 12:39 29 Nov 2009

But I am trying to put a tracert from cmd promt into an email.
When I r/click Copy is whited out.


  iscanut 14:51 29 Nov 2009

Place cursor over the very first letter of all the text, Right click then select Mark. Drag cursor so that all text is highlighted. Press CTRL and C keys at same time ( this copies ), then go into Notepad, Word etc and press CTRL/V to past the copied text.

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