how to arrange the programmes listings alphabetica

  Doyakkon 22:21 21 Oct 2004

does any one know how one rearranges the list of progs on the desktop-start/all programme menu???

its weird when i open programmes first are listed
open office doc, set programme acces and defaults,
winzip, an afew others, these are picture icons,
then there's the next list accesories, admin tools, and the list of instaled progs, these all have file folder icons. then there is another list of picture icons, windows messenger, internet explorer, adobe acrobat, windows movie maker, tune up utilities, and a few more.
THEN, there is another list of instaled progs with plain folder icons.
how can i get it so as pic icons are with the other pic icons and all the icons with just folders are all together and listed alphabeticaly?

sorry its a bit long winded


  Cook2 22:28 21 Oct 2004

Start - All Programs then right click anywhere and choose Sort by Name.

  Molded 08:32 22 Oct 2004

Right Clicking and choosing "Sort by Name" will put the Windows default folder icons in alphabetical order but unfortunately the programs with their own icons such as Messenger,Adobe etc. won't conform.

For these just Left Click and hold ,then drag them to the position you want them.

  Doyakkon 12:56 22 Oct 2004

OK THanx all

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