How accurate is MBM5

  Madscot_uk 12:56 22 Jan 2006

Running MBM 5 on my system gives me an idle temp of 64 Deg C, which whilst not dangerous, it is high. To check the heatsink i downloaded BurnInTest click here and Throttlewatch click here

With my cpu at 100% load for half an hr & no thermal throttling, temps only went up by 2 deg C to 66 and with no increase in cpu fan speed.

Is this MBM5 or should i consider re-applying thermal paste & re-seating my heatsink? The heatsink itself is free from dust, with the fan working.

Processor is a P4 530 @ 3GHz, with equivalent intel heatsink on a Gigabyte GA-8IPE775 Pro mobo


  hzhzhz 13:24 22 Jan 2006

I see mbm5 as being fairly accurate myself. I wouldn't worry about the 66 degrees under load. The idle temp seems a bit high though. What are the bios temp readings when idling?.

  Madscot_uk 14:02 22 Jan 2006

The bios idle temp is somewhat lower at 54 deg C

  hzhzhz 14:12 22 Jan 2006

Make sure the heatsink is seated properly and the thermal paste is good quality.

  Madscot_uk 14:42 22 Jan 2006

I have checked the heatsink and it is seated firmly, the thermal paste was supplied with the heatsink so not 100% of quality.
One thing that was noted was that when testing the hsink seating MBM5 was reading 64 deg C, but the heatsink was cool to the touch. Does this mean there could be a probe error, or is it down to poor themal paste?

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