How to access MS DOS

  Ambasedor 16:38 12 Mar 2007

I am having trouble wiping my c drive to reinstall.
How do I access MS DOS? I used to be able to do it in 98 but I am running XP now. I have an xp upgrade disk so want to put 98 back then upgrade so need to config as FAT32 or 98 wont run.
First i need to wipe the C drive I have been into command prompt but that willnot format

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:57 12 Mar 2007

DOS will not beable to see a NTFS drive.

You will need to download the XP boot disks from click here and reformat the drive as FAT32 before you can reinstall 98.

  Ambasedor 20:41 12 Mar 2007

Hi Fruit Bat
I have downloaded the 6 xp disks including the boot disk so how do i now reformat as a FAT 32? and how and when do i use the XP boot disks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 12 Mar 2007

Boot the computer with the first floppy and follow the prompts to format and install XP but do not install.

After formattinin FAt 32 rebbot the PC with the 98 boot disk or If it will boot from the 98 cd use that and then again follow the prompts to install 98.

  terryf 20:47 12 Mar 2007

Put the first disk in your floppy drive having gone into your bios and set the fd as the first boot device, You will be asked for each of the disks in turn, at some point you will be asked about hd formatting, answer the question appropriately. Can't help you in more detail cos it is a while since I used these disks.

  Terry Brown 20:49 12 Mar 2007

Run the 6 floppies and the program until you get the blue 'Terms and Conditions' screen, press F8 to continue then press ESC, this takes you to the advanced page. follow the on screen instructions.

Please note, once you start the format system it is non reversable--You cannot recover any data that was on the hard drive.

  terryf 20:50 12 Mar 2007
  keith-236785 22:02 12 Mar 2007

if you want to format and install win98 then you would need the win98 SE boot disk from click here, the windowsXP boot floppys will not allow you to install an older operating system.

ensure your bios is set to load from floppy first.

using the windows 98 startup disk, with the floppy in the drive, start your pc, when the menu appears, choose the option for setup without a cdrom drive (it is slightly quicker) and you will be re-booting anyway so you can choose to start with cdrom support later.

the setup will make a RAM partition (usually drive D:) unless you have more than one hard drive, as you are booting at this stage without cdrom support it wont see your cdrom drives.

you need to change to the RAM drive ie typing


at the prompt A:\ this will then change to D:\, (check what letter is shown as the RAM drive and change the D: to whatever the RAM drive letter is).

type dir and press enter, it will list all files, make sure that "format" is there, then type

format c:

press enter and wait.

once done, reboot your pc and this time choose start with cdrom support, this will recognise your cdrom and allow you to insdtall win98

you would need to insert the win98 cdrom and type the drive letter of your cdrom ie D: or E:, then type


and press enter

or you could try booting from your win98 cdrom without a floppy in the drive. (your bios will need to read cdrom BEFORE the hard drive)

  keith-236785 22:05 12 Mar 2007

just re-readin the previous entries it seems that Fruit Bat /\0/\'s suggestion will need to be done first, i had missed the bit about the fat32 and NTFS problem.

  woodchip 22:14 12 Mar 2007

Start by using Killdisk, this removes Partitions. You can then use a Win98se Start Floppy to partition and Format as fat32. click here on the left boot disc is tenth file down click here boot disc should be created on a Fat32 system

  woodchip 22:26 12 Mar 2007

If you do not want 98 back on. first try with the XP upgrade disc in comp

From run box type

SFC /SCANNOW just as it looks, note space before /

If that does not fix it, run XP repair with the CD

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