How about this

  PUNKA 09:42 01 May 2004

Bleyonder/Telewest B/B £17.99 till the 31/05/04 BARGAIN OF THE MONTH ??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:02 01 May 2004

'This 256kbps service is designed primarily for web surfing and email (no more than 750MB of traffic per day.'


  Diodorus Siculus 10:13 01 May 2004

For those who pay £15.99 or so a month for dial up access, this is an excellent alternative. Theoretically 5 times faster and permanently on - sounds good to me. No real need here for broadband but this would tempt me.

However, there are other packages offering 512 speeds for a little more - v21 for example at £19.99. And if I recall correctly, others at even lower prices which may cause some problems given the tight margins the ISPs have at this price.

  dagwoood 14:02 01 May 2004

I've had this service as soon as it became available.

The speed of this service is very good. No matter what time of the day it is I get download speeds of over 30kb/s, which in reality means it is over 5 times faster than dial up. I know speed tests can be a bit hit and miss( busy the site that runs the test is)but I always get a bandwidth result of over 250kb.

At the time I had this connection installed, the dial up service was about to go up in price from £13/month to £14/month. For the extra £4/month it doesn't make sense to stay on dial up when you get the benefits of big increase in speed, a always on connection and it frees your phone line up. The technical advice service is also very good(had a problem with an ethernet adaptor which they talked me through an solved)and the calls are only charged at a local rate.

Sorry I sound like a telewest sales person but I can't praise this service enough, it does make a big difference when you've been trudging along on a dial up connection.


  GaT7 21:19 01 May 2004

You may also be interested in Wanadoo's £17.99 offer(Freeserve previously) - click here & click here. Recent discussions here about the same - click here & click here.

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