How to.......

  eqskey 21:36 25 Jan 2006

It is that easy!!
If you don't know the answer just put it into Google like so "how to make a cup of tea".
Example (ii) "how to switch a pc on!".

But then again too many people are too lazy~they are happy to ask someone else.The result is that they will learn zero.And why is it the same people on this forum who reply with expert answers.
Answer~ they have a masters in Google LOL.

  VoG II 21:38 25 Jan 2006

Not always. A lot of the time they actually know. And sometimes it is handier to post a link than to type out the destructions.

But what a lot of us know is where to put a post and this does not belong in the Helproom.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:42 25 Jan 2006

Hits the nail on the head.


  eqskey 21:43 25 Jan 2006

Posting a link is so 3rd party!
What I am giving them is the best advise they can To start the process of self learning and standalone thinking.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:53 25 Jan 2006

So your standard reply to someone asking for assistance is look it up with Google.

You seem to have missed the point of this forum, to share ones experience and knowledge to help others solve their pc related problems. Many people have learnt a great deal with the aid of this forum.

  VoG II 21:58 25 Jan 2006

Most people who come here are asking for help. They don't need a lecture on how to Google; they want an answer and they want it fast. That's normally exactly what they get.

  beynac 22:12 25 Jan 2006

Most of the questions here are not 'how do I switch a PC on'. Some of them could be solved with a Google query - but advice is far better than a huge list of links. If links are given, it is the experience of the people on this forum that identifies the answer to the question.

I have learnt a hell of a lot from both the questions and the answers on this forum. I consider this to be an integral part of self-learning. If you don't want advice - don't ask for it, don't read books (so 3rd party!). How then do you learn?

  [email protected] 22:16 25 Jan 2006

Interesting post. Most people come to this and other forums for help of some sort - most people offer assistance of some sort based, hopefully, on knowledge and experience and advice should be accepted in the spirit given or not asked for in the first place. Knowledge is nothing if it is not shared. Is it forum policy to remain silent if unable to assist? As for a lecture on how to Google, I don't recall seeing such a post. Perhaps it's time for a tick eqskey!

  bluto1 22:20 25 Jan 2006


Like a forum member said, we come here for advice, and if we`re sufficiently knowledgable then we may give our advice. However, one of the mainstays of this forum is that there is no one individual who can advise us on giving advice. Most of us come here to learn, from our and others mistakes. I`m pleased to say I`ve learned from yours. G`night

  stalion 22:23 25 Jan 2006

searching may find the answer but not the application.This forum exists to help members, they have the option to search for an answer first but you have to know how to apply the information and this is not always straight forward

  smy13 23:36 25 Jan 2006

I must be one of the lazy 'unwashed' when i started posting to this forum it would never occur to me that you could 'Google' your problem and find a solution. The links that got posted to my questions not only provided me with answers but also gave me a better understanding about the wealth of information that is out there. Just by lurking in the background here has increased my knowledge no end, to the extent that I've even answered a few easy issues my self. I'm afraid I lack the patience of the members who have posted to this thread and tried to explain the value of the service they and this forum provide to all. So my advice would be if you feel that posting links is beneath you, leave

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