How 2 remove a downloaded scrnsaver fr. taskbar XP

  [email protected] 07:23 24 Mar 2004

I downloaded a screensaver from the BBC website for my daughter. It is now sitting in my taskbar and this annoys me! How can I delete/remove it? I am running windows XP and am a beginner to it!
Many thanks!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 24 Mar 2004

Strange that it is in the taskbar... Can you right click on it and choose "delete"?

  [email protected] 09:54 24 Mar 2004

No! (tried that!) I have deselected it as a screensaver so it is no longer in the task bar but I would really like to delete it completely but I have no idea of its path (no properties box on right clicking just a volume box!)

  Diodorus Siculus 10:07 24 Mar 2004

Is it mentioned in Add/Remove programs?

Do you mean that it is it the system notification area, i.e.e next to the clock?

You may be able to go into msconfig (start, run, type msconfig) and under the startup tab, disable it. That way it should not run at startup.

  [email protected] 10:12 24 Mar 2004

No, it is not in the Add/Remove Progs. Yes, it is next to the clock.I think I just wont choose it as a screensaver, if my daughter wants it I'll do the msconfig it doesn't begin on start up.I'd like to delete it altogether but cannot find it to delete it!
Thanks for your help!
(any chance you might know the answer to my other posted qu. about visual mail notifiers?)

  curlylad 10:55 24 Mar 2004

You could download this free uninstall tool which I find very useful
click here It's got rid of a few stubborn unwanted bits and pieces for me , let us know how you get on.

  [email protected] 11:15 24 Mar 2004

Tx will try that later on alas I 'm off to do house work :(

  [email protected] 16:01 24 Mar 2004

I managed to remove it! It wasn't in start up on MSconfig (though def. in task bar and starting up!) nor in add remove progs, hoiwever I went to explore and searched for the file and found an uninstall option for it which I use- Huzzah!
Thanks to all- now to sort out my desire for a visual e-mail notifier!!

  curlylad 11:54 25 Mar 2004

Do you mean you would like a notifier on screen the moment an email arrives in your inbox ?If so you can get that to happen if you use Incredimail.You can use a whole host of notifiers to inform you of an email cats , dogs , a butler etc to many to name.
Have a look here click here .

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