How 2 Config Linux for Internet?

  Embezzler 00:00 16 Apr 2003

I'm with Pipex ADSL and i have a Fujitsu USB modem. I was trying my best to config Linux to work with my modem and the internet but i got now where fast. If anyone out there knows please post.


  geoff47 00:12 16 Apr 2003

I have had the same problem,havn't done much about it as yet.
But apparently Linux likes to have an Ethernet card rather than connection via USB,it keeps dropping the connection with usb.I searched for a fix,and found one,but it meant writing a script or something and it was out of my league.
Sorry dont know off hand where I found that fix,but it was on a Linux forum somewhere.
Dont know how techie you are,me not techie at all.
But an Ethernet card if you have one its the way to go...if you dont they are about a tenner and can be fitted easy enough,seek advice on Google.
Hope I have been of some help.

  Embezzler 00:05 21 Apr 2003

How did you manage to config Linux to work with the USB connection i would like to try this myself but i cannot seem to do it. Could you give me a set of instructions or direct me to a website which will help me?


  powerless 00:12 21 Apr 2003

Which flavour of Linux are using?

If it's redhat then you have to build a Kernel of which i tried and failed it was way over what i can do.

Just you know 14 pages of instruction and then you have to download 4 files of which one i could not find from the link given.

click here for what i had to do but didn't.

I'll think you will have trouble.

Your best best is to go for a WinModem. These sem to work in Linux. Although i would wait for someone to confirm that.

  Embezzler 00:28 21 Apr 2003

Yeah it is Redhat... I have to learn about Linux for my uni course... the more i get into it the more i see that it's not my thing and i'm thankful that Windows is "user friendly." (well in my case it is... sometimes)

I'll give it a go... just reading through the site... are you sure there isn't a program out there that could do it for you? (EmBeZzLeR dreams) wouldn't it make life easier?!

  powerless 00:36 21 Apr 2003

Well as far as i know - no program. But in saying that the Kernels keep going up a version so the next one may incorporate USB ;-) and support for more hardware (dreams).


Mandrake 9.0 (another flavour) of which i also have, does have support for USB.

Now it seemed very simple to do i just had to download 2 files to get my USB modem up and running. I just had to copy two files to (if remeber corretly)


It even recognised my modem but on pasting the files it said "access denied". I couldnt figure out how to get passed it and still havnt.

  Embezzler 00:47 21 Apr 2003

Yeah, i was logged in as root which i thought meant you had total control but i guess not as i too has access denied when typing in commands.

I might download... err i mean purchase redhat 9 and see if it's any better.

Cheerz mate!

  powerless 00:49 21 Apr 2003

I downloaded them hehe.

  Embezzler 00:53 21 Apr 2003

"I believe all software should be free, unless i made it!"

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