hovering mouse makes text dissapear !

  greybeard 21:12 10 Jun 2005

Running xp2, IE6 on a toshiba laptop. When trying to edit my bookmarks in "Organise favourites", the heading under the mouse disappears as I scroll down the list.
The hint is still visible, but it's an annoying effect. It only happens in IE, as far as I have noticed.
I can't relate the start of it happening to any particular event, so would by glad if anyone else has had it happen, and can advise on the cure.

  Sans le Sou 21:57 10 Jun 2005

I have just tried this and mine change from black to blue, I have a 19 inch TFT, may be a characteristic of your screen.

  greybeard 22:41 10 Jun 2005

I don't understand how it could be a chacteristic of my screen if it has only recently started happening, but thanks for yor input.

  greybeard 22:43 10 Jun 2005

for "chacteristic" read characteristic !

  VoG II 08:25 11 Jun 2005

I don't know the solution but hold down the Shift key whilst clicking on Organize Favorites to open them in Windows Explorer.

  greybeard 22:06 11 Jun 2005

I'm always amazed at the obscure shortcuts you seem to know. It certainly gives me another editing route, but I am still curious as to what is going on.
I did have a look at the "add-ons" that are installed, wondering if any of them are producing the interference, but decided to let them alone.
Some time ago a Java thingy appeared unbidden in my system tray, but it then disappeared just as mysteriously.
I sometimes wonder what is going on, but then Matron pours me another gin, amd all is well again.

  Sans le Sou 15:49 12 Jun 2005

Not a cause but may be a way of solving if you can understand it. click here

  greybeard 23:55 12 Jun 2005

Sans le sou
Thanks for link. Yes, I could see what the postings were about even though the details were a bit esoteric, but when I tried......

crx1600 (many thanks for the solution)
I recognised the source of the problem.
For reasons unclear, my laptop had decided that in this particular window I needed to have the selected text in white on a white background !

Have given the pc a poke where it hurts and told it who is the boss. All text now reads ok.
Many thanks to you both.

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