Housemate monitors Internet

  jhwhite 20:18 16 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

I'm a student living in a shared house with 6 other people. The internet is fine but is often very poor if anyone downloads anything so we decided we won't download unless it was work related.

One of our housemates (lets call her Sue) said she had some software that monitors internet use and could tell when someone was downloading. She's the housemate that constantly leaves post-it everywhere that every shared student house has to put up with.

Anyway... She had a few friends over the other day and she showed them an 'adult' site that one of the housemates had been using saying she now knew each housemates IP address. Checking on downloading is one thing but I don't want her checking all the sites I/we visit.

Is there any way of stopping this?

Is it legal?


  woodchip 20:22 16 Jan 2011

If its her Equipment she can do what she likes with it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:29 16 Jan 2011

The IP address will be the same for every computer so I would suggest that she goes and gets a life rather than making one up.


  jhwhite 20:31 16 Jan 2011

Not too sure what you mean by 'her equipment' Woodchip.

We all pay our landlady (who doesn't live here) for the internet. The router belongs to her.

Obviously 'Sue's' computer is her own but she monitors what people are looking at on our own PCs. Using software.

She's probably reading this right now lol

  octal 20:41 16 Jan 2011

Ah! You've got your own self appointed policeman! I love people like that. Illegal or not I think I would be telling her to bog off in very short order, damned cheeky madam.

  bremner 20:42 16 Jan 2011

If the Internet is shared through a router then each user will have a different 'internal' IP address' and it is quite easy to monitor the access of each user.

  jhwhite 21:02 16 Jan 2011

Octal you don't know the half of it. Every sunday there are post-its and messages on facebook to all concerned that it is bin day, that she knows who usually takes it out and who rarely does it... and yes that has happened today along with an update on cooker top surfaces lol

  iscanut 21:04 16 Jan 2011

Don't get me started about students !!!! :-)

  chub_tor 21:07 16 Jan 2011

"Is there any way of stopping this?" - Yes. Move.

  peter99co 22:07 16 Jan 2011

I wonder if IN PRIVATE browsing would work via IE8

InPrivate Browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and other data. Toolbars and extensions are disabled by default

  bremner 22:38 16 Jan 2011

It is not necessarily IE from where she is gaining information. The router can easily be set to log access.

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