David Kane 22:56 02 Sep 2007

a folder named .housecall6.6 has appeared on my hard drive in Documents & Settings. What does it do and can it be removed safely by deleting the folder?

  skidzy 23:00 02 Sep 2007

Have you ran Trend Micro online scanner ?

  skidzy 23:01 02 Sep 2007

Forget that,looks like you may have installed Noadware.

Check in add and remove programs and remove this.

  skidzy 23:09 02 Sep 2007

Think i maybe correct first time around david.click here;jsessionid=abcwx7wGCodJr4EPpqitr?forumID=32&threadID=257265&messageID=2545059&tag=rss.rbf#2545059
click here

  skidzy 23:12 02 Sep 2007

Sorry link click here and click here

  Batch 11:21 03 Sep 2007

I use Trend Micro HouseCall occassionally. It creates a folder of:

C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\.housecall6.6

along with a series of subfolders.

This link click here will take you to it. Although the link URL says V6.5, the folder it creates is indeed .housecall6.6

  David Kane 13:42 03 Sep 2007

Batch & Skidzy:
Thanks for your responses. I have an issue with an error 623 which I'm trying to solve and it was when folowing up on it that I 'discovered' the .housecall folder. Good to know that .housecall is no longer a suspect. Good to get your advice.

  magyver1970 05:24 28 Nov 2008

I searched for .housecall6.6 cus I found it on my pc, it was last modifide, 19 may 2007 and I had my computer wiped and re installed in Jun so how could this be modified after I had my entire hard drive cleaned and Windows XP reinstalled after that day? I have also seen two different conclusions for this folder one says to run a spy ware or adaware program and it will errase it another one says to go to add or remove programs and remove it. Another web site says that it contains important PC files and not to delte it. What should I do have it removed or just leave it?

  hiwatt 11:17 28 Nov 2008

Better to start your own thread.The Housecall 6.6 is folder is indeed from the trend micro scan.If you've goy trend micro housecall installed remove it via add/remove programs then you can delete any folders that are left over.

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