House Alarms (Nothing to do with PC's really)

  TheTerminator 23:11 17 May 2004

Mine has gone on the blink, in that it doesn't recognise my password, it just bleeps at me and doesn't go off when tripped. Can any electrician work their way around it/reset the alarm? I ask as the company that installed it have now gone bust? Help me please!

PS I really think we need another off topic forum for qns like this which are sort of technologically related, but not really...

PS I live in Coventry.

  woodchip 23:15 17 May 2004

It may need a new rechargable battery inside it, if you have had it some years.

  end 23:19 17 May 2004

suggest battery ( and F.E. might "transfer " this posting to "consumer watch"...)

  Robotic_Rob 23:39 17 May 2004

A chip could of blown or owt. You would need some one to look at it. Best gettin a electrician that mainly concentrates in electronics to have a look at it.

I doubt it would be the batteries or it would be completly dead. As that is what happens with the fire panels that i test at work. Usually when one of our fire panels just beeps at us and the lcd display just lights up and nowt else happens its because of the main software chip aint correct or needs replacing.

  Robotic_Rob 23:42 17 May 2004

With the batteries

Or it would be still functioning properly with it just givin a sign that the batteries need replacing.

  Smegs 23:49 17 May 2004

Robotic_Rob, so what your saying is that if the batteries are dead, even if the alarm is connected to the mains, then it still won't work?? Whys that then? TheTerminator, do you not have an instruction manual? It would help if you could give us some info.

  pharte 23:50 17 May 2004

try "cpc" for alarm batteries and electronics, any alarm company would be more than happy to take over the maintainence contract

cpc stands for combined preciscion components and they have a online and mail order service

my alarm has a master reset by typing in the master code then pressing clear on the keypad to clear all the faults.

don't know if it's applicable to you but you can only try

  woodchip 00:02 18 May 2004

yes they nearly all have that

  spuds 00:18 18 May 2004

With most alarm systems,especially domestic types, there is an engineers code, which can be used to reset and adjust the system. If you have the original instruction manual or the name of the control box manufacturer, then you should be able to find the engineers code.

It sound as though the system was reset to a different code, to that what you previously used.The system no longers holds your previous code, hence the bleeps.Easily done in the haste of the moment.

  woodchip 00:22 18 May 2004

Or a power outage and dead batteries

  woodchip 00:25 18 May 2004

Again Lightning may have been doing it's thing. We have had some not long ago

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