alt 16:49 25 Feb 2004

Can anyone please tell me what a wifi hotspot actually is...Thanks

  Handy Spinner 17:10 25 Feb 2004

..but here is a rough explanation.

It's an area where you can walk in with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook computer and go on the internet for a fee. They are often found in coffee shops, etc.

In case you don't know what Wi-Fi is, it's a form of wireless communication.

Correct me, people, please, if I'm wrong!

  alt 18:04 25 Feb 2004

so you actually have to go into the shop/pub/restuarant to use you wireless laptop? can't use it say outside, nearby?...sorry about this I don't understand the technology too well. I though that I could use my laptop within range of a hotspot....

  LeadingMNMs 18:13 25 Feb 2004

The hotspot is the area where you can get a signal. Typically on a slower speed connection the range has a maximum value of 120m. Therefore theoectically you should be able to obtain a signal anywhere in a radius of 120m around the 'signal generator.'

Obviously your laptop would need some sort of reciever for these signals, usually in the form of a PCMCIA card or some laptops have the hardware built in.

  AndyJ 18:15 25 Feb 2004

Have a look here click here

  alt 18:18 25 Feb 2004

Hi Andy, I haven't bought the Laptop yes but someone said that Toshiba are the leaders with this kind of Laptop?...

  mikef. 18:34 25 Feb 2004

I've just got myself a Centrino Laptop, these have built in WiFi, from Novatech very good deal at a very good price and very good service. click here

  alt 18:55 25 Feb 2004

Ok Mike I am now having a look, what really confuses me is the adverts where you see someone sitting on a mountain top, or a very remote place with a laptop. Now how are they getting a signal, which laptop would they be using?...

  LeadingMNMs 07:20 26 Feb 2004

Apparently there is a hotspot at the base camp on Everest so they can get a signal. Really the choice of laptop shouldn't matter (although in that case one that could handle freezing temperatures would be useful). As long as the laptop has some form of Wi-Fi sender / reciever in the form of a PCMCIA card, a USB device (not sure on range) or built in technology then it should be able to connect to the Internet via the hotspot for a fee.

  Jester2K 07:40 26 Feb 2004

Also if you have WiFi in your house you could use it in your garden. I think it has a range of 300 meters or so (depends on weather and building layout etc)

As LeadingMNMs says the Hotspot is in a Base Camp so its near the bottom of Everest (although lots of people including me though it was inferring it was at the top of Everest!)

  alt 08:07 26 Feb 2004

jester, how can I get wifi in my house and any idea od cost?....Thanks

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