Hotmail/Outlook security code verification problems

  Careful 22:10 11 Apr 2014

I have two Hotmail/Outlook email addresses, one .com and one I recently received a message from Microsoft on my .com address saying they need to make sure I can receive a security code if I ever lose access to my account, and asking me to provide an alternative email they can send a security code to. So I gave my address. This didn't work, so I assume that my address is regarded as being under the same account (Not really sure what they mean by an "account", I'm not having to pay for anything) So I gave my wife's hotmail address, and she then received an email from Microsoft containing a 4 figure code. My email page said “Check your emails for a message from the Microsoft account team, and enter the code here” So I entered the code that she had received, and it said 'code incorrect, should be 5 figures' Tried again later with the same result. Anyone else had issues with this, or what am I doing incorrectly?

  rdave13 22:29 11 Apr 2014

Usually you should use a totally different email server such as Gmail, AOL mail , Fastmail etc and not use a Microsoft account to verify. Create a Gmail account and try again.

  lotvic 23:10 11 Apr 2014

It won't solve it but at least you will know you are not the only one with this problem ClickHere and scroll down to the comments in March 2014 where people are posting about problem being given 4 digit code and then being asked for 5 digits.

Also this is the MS guide but there's no mention of any problem or digits.

  Careful 22:35 15 Apr 2014

Thanks for your replies. Update - I wonder if the problem was just that it was another Hotmail/Outlook account - albeit nothing to do with my account. Started again and used my wife's work email account and code received successfully this time. The language used in the messages from Microsoft about code verification and security are full of geek-isms and semi tech talk. I managed to decipher what they were on about, but I imagine many people who have no interest/aptitude for this sort of thing would be completely baffled. Microsoft should be ashamed of putting out garbage messages like this, it encourages many people's belief that they are still steadily losing the plot.

  lotvic 23:22 15 Apr 2014

Thanks for the update and glad you got problem sorted.

Don't forget to click on one of the big grey ticks under a post to green tick and then Thread will be marked Resolved.

  CarlyCorday 15:51 17 Apr 2014

I have the same problem, but I HAVE a gmail account, which I used, and still got a 4-digit code, then the demand for 5 digits. Went ahead into "feedback" to try and resolve, had to click in addition to my post how likely I am to recommend outlook to a friend, and to every answer I gave from "Not at all likely!" to "Oh so heavenly certain!", I got an error message demanding that I answer the question. While this went on, my "feedback" just sat there, unsubmitted. I think I got my response from microsoft: I'm being flushed down their toilet. Great to know it. All I have to do is ditch them like I did my Yahoo! account when I no longer had tick boxes to help me delete junk or even OPEN my emails! Since Yahoo flushed me down the drain, they have ceased to exist for me as well. Next, it will be gmail, I guess. Anyway! This is NOT a resolved problem for me! It was a finger in my eye and still is, despite the other fellow's apparent magical luck in resolving it by simply doing it over and over until the finger went away and he could "see" again. Not so for me. I wonder if the great aces who do this stuff (Microsoft boys, Yahoo boys) are of any better calibur of human than all the hackers we have to endure. Doubt it. I think they're having fun at it. Nothing to lose.

  rdave13 20:17 17 Apr 2014

Having looked at my other email, a four digit code for verifying comes from a text message. A five digit code for verifying comes with an email. All these verify correctly with Outlook .com open and the verification field open, ready for the input. On my accounts I have a seven digit code for all of my accounts if they think my email has been hacked. Note the other codes are for verifying your accounts and not part of the password.

  AlisonBates 13:49 26 Jun 2014

I have tried several times to receive this code( which I didn't want in the first place)without success. I gave them my other email account with google and now I get a message that i 'have exceeded the number of times I can use this email'. I can't now get into my hotmail account to read my emails. Can anyone advise my on what to do, please?

  rdave13 20:08 26 Jun 2014

Have a look at

Report Ambucias

Mar 9, 2011 05:19AM post. Click Here. Remember to click on the last option but read the post carefully.

About the only suggestion I can think of as it is a free account. Good luck.

  Kayla MartinJustin Coleman 15:25 27 Aug 2014

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I have had a relatively new email For about little over 1 1/2 - 2 years. And I have had to change that password so many times it's unbelievable. It keeps locking me out as if it's been hacked multiple times. I have recovered it twice now going on three times. I have even had to have a reset password sent to an old alternate email (boyfriends) that also no longer allows me to sign in. I even had created two new alternate accounts to receive any account recovery information for my former email. This is becoming frustrating and stressful as I use this account through my apple account on my phone where I receive my work emails on corporate plan. The one time it allowed me to access the alternate email for a successful password change, either I forgot the new password or it simply isn't allowing me to sign in. And at the moment that fact that it is allowing me to see any emails at all is; the fact that my iPhone 5 has me currently still logged in but trying to log me out. With a constant pop up of "incorrect password please sign in". In the end I recieved "too many recovery attempts" during a 24 hr period. All I want is my email back so I can officially change the password for one last time to be able to access it. So I can detach my apple account from it to replace it with a new one. Then completely remove my former email or STOP using it. Because it's preventing me from accessing any to all incoming emails on my phone. Is there a number I can call directly to the outlook team to explain this matter and why there are so many attempts from me (sole account holder) to recover my account. Thanks

  rdave13 17:34 28 Aug 2014

Kayla MartinJustin Coleman, I would suggest starting a new thread with your problem. Stating your email account, Hotmail, Outlook etc (not the actual addy obviously) and the problems. If you're having so much problems needing to change passwords then it looks likely that someone or some software on your PC might possibly be getting this information. If your email has been hacked and the password is reset then remember to log in to your account and edit the security questions also, as someone can use the 'forgotten password' facility to regain access. Editing these security data in your account will stop the 'forgotten' facility to work as the hacker will have the wrong/old information.

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