Hotmail - To stop spammers, we sometimes ask you to enter characters before sending your message

  newkidonblock 22:03 09 Aug 2011

I'm sure this must have been asked before but cannot find response using search facility.

Hotmail has just started playing up with the message "To stop spammers, we sometimes ask you to enter characters before sending your message" popping up every time i want to send an email.

When i answer the question and type the correct letters in i am directed to press the send button, when the message remains and asks me to type in the words/letters again - keep going around in circles.

Anyone able to point me in the right direciton to resolve?

Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 22:09 09 Aug 2011

Are they "Case" sensitive?

  newkidonblock 06:04 10 Aug 2011

Tried numerous 'tests' and got response:

"Thanks for solving the puzzle

You can go back to your message now and click Send. We apologize for the inconvenience"

I go back to my email and the 'To stop spammers, we sometimes ask you to enter characters before sending your message' message remains. I press 'send' and get back to the message:

"Help us fight junk email

Most junk comes from automated programs, which can't solve puzzles like this. (Sorry we have to ask you to prove you're a person.) Get help with this

Enter the characters you see New | Audio | Help "

  wee eddie 11:30 10 Aug 2011

Have you recently been sending mail to Multiple Addresses or is the Mail you are currently trying to send to Multiple Addresses?

  newkidonblock 19:20 10 Aug 2011

Nope neither - just normal emails to individuals :-(

  newkidonblock 22:01 10 Aug 2011

Hi all - Windows Live Help fixed earleir this evening and provided the following response:

"The characters with letters that you received is use to verify your account, we call it Human Interactive Proof (HIP). This is a challenge use to validate user and to lessen the number of unauthorized emails or ‘spam’. The number of challenges decreases overtime.

I've checked your account and I've fixed it. You should be able to send messages now without getting this error message. For more info about HIP, visit the Solution Article below:

Why am I asked to type in those strange looking characters?"

No explantion given - but all works now. :-)

Thanks for all suggestions.

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