hotmail sign in problem...

  martjc 08:39 09 Oct 2008

...I've had a mail account for years. All my friends know it by heart. I'm currently expecting some important mail there but it seems the password has become corrupt.

MS options are: Send me a reset message by email, which of course fails because I can't get in to read it.

Send an email to alternate mail address. Which never arrives.

Answer your secret question. Which fails everytime, although I know I'm answering correctly.

I've tried to recreate the account in case it's the user name that's corrupt and not the password, but .com addresses are not available in the uk now.

How stupid is this???

  martjc 08:43 09 Oct 2008

...There seems no way of asking MS for direct help, although I've left something at the 'feedback' link. No answer...

  jolorna 08:54 09 Oct 2008

im not trying to be funny but a friend of mine had your problem, after sending me there details to try i could log into it ok so the problem was that persons computer, do you have a friend close or a library or access to another computer to try as it could be a virus

  martjc 11:43 09 Oct 2008 virus - same happens on a different pc.

Any further help from anyone, please...

  jolorna 12:39 09 Oct 2008

have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling hotmail again

  martjc 13:58 09 Oct 2008

...that would not help as when I try to access Hotmail I now get an error message from MS saying I have tried too many times with wrong info. Then I am back at square one.

Anyway, the software that lets you into your account is on MSs servers.

  tullie 14:00 09 Oct 2008

Probabvly better to get new account,then send an email to all your conntacts.

  tullie 14:03 09 Oct 2008

Regarding hotmail address,i have a .com address,and a friend set one up about three months ago,so what you say must be fairly recent?

  martjc 14:13 09 Oct 2008

...yes, that would normally be the way to go but I had info stored in sub folders of my inbox that I need.

Point two. Yes I think it is very recent - when starting a new account you are not offered the choice of .com, just or

  jolorna 14:58 09 Oct 2008

mine is a .com i just had a look and as martjc has pointed out they now only offer just or

  jolorna 15:10 09 Oct 2008

not sure if you can get away with this one click here this is using your country as usa

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