Hotmail problem

  ianeon 06:56 07 May 2005

Good morning, I would be grateful for some help with this problem - My computer works perfectly, it does everything it is supposed to EXCEPT for one problem - If I type the website address for Hotmail into my address bar(click here) and press "enter" I get the error page which is headed "This page cannot be displayed" - All my settings are at default level and my firewall is not blocking this site, I do not use Messenger - Can someone help please - thank you - Ian

  octal 07:53 07 May 2005

Check to make sure your hosts file isn't blocking it. If you are using XP its located in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC look for a file called 'hosts' it hasn't got an extension, if you rename it to hosts.old temporarily and try to access the site again.

If you still can't access it take the extension off of hosts because that isn't the problem. If you can access the site then open the hosts file with Notepad and see what you can see in there and let us know.

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