Hotmail problem ?

  Rtus 22:55 14 Feb 2005

the following is a mail sent (presumably by hotmail)after my hotmail accont reduced all folders to inbox only. click the link & it returns errors , since then Ive had a stream of emails asking the same thing..
Anyone got the same happening??

Dear Rtus
To help protect our users from automatically generated junk e-mail (or spam), MSN Hotmail periodically asks for identity verification.

Please go to click here and follow the instructions. It takes only a few minutes and you can then return to using your Hotmail account.

Thank you for helping us to help reduce your junk e-mail.
MSN Hotmail Staff

Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is an unmonitored alias.

  Rtus 23:20 14 Feb 2005

I wondered if it had anything to do with joining a Yahoo group-entomology mailing list its been fine before that..

  maz2 23:51 14 Feb 2005

Moved to g mail as hotmail is letting all the junk through again now that they've increased the size of inbox

  Rtus 19:35 15 Feb 2005

a search has bought up another incident like my own. click here
It would help If I remembered the flippin passwrd for those accounts,obviously minor glitch on my part nt jotting it down. Or if I have Ive forgotten where.LOL

  Rtus 22:54 15 Feb 2005

closing & finding another email provider....

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