Hotmail overseas email problem.

  frybluff 10:46 22 Mar 2012

I have been speaking to Dell's support, which is based in India, to sort out an issue with my new laptop. They keep saying they have sent me emails, with direct email addresses, for me to contact the guy I've dealing with, in case problem recurrs. I don't receive these emails, and they insist they have sent them. I've checked they've got my email address right, and their emails aren't going to "junk".

I've spoken to my security provider (McAfee), to ask if their system could be blocking them, but they refuse to discuss it, and refer me back to Dell.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Woolwell 10:59 22 Mar 2012

How are you accessing e-mails?

  frybluff 11:52 22 Mar 2012

PS I'm receiving UK based emails, fine. As I'm not expecting an emails from overseas, I don't know if it's India that's a problem, or Dell (in India).

  Woolwell 15:09 22 Mar 2012

I think that you have misunderstood me. Do you use an e-mail client eg Outlook or webmail?

  iscanut 16:28 22 Mar 2012

You need to check with your Internet provide re blocking, not the anti virus provider. should make no difference as to what part of the world emails originate from normally . Is your firewall blocking them ?

  frybluff 20:45 22 Mar 2012


Did reply to your post, but it disappeared (bit like my emails).

Am using Hotmail via Bing and Windows Live Messenger. Had a load of Windows security updates, in last few days. Tend to think one of these has done something to firewall, to block incoming emails from Dell in India. I was receiving them OK, a few days ago. Trouble is, I don't feel confident to start "messing" with advanced firewall settings.

If I go to help, in Advanced Firewall, it tells me it's managed by McAfee, and refer to them. McAfee won't even discuss it, and refer me to Dell, and Dell ..... (you now what's coming) can't email me!!

  Woolwell 21:05 22 Mar 2012

Bing is a search engine and Messenger is a chat service. Are you using your browser to read hotmail? If so it should not be a Firewall problem. Are they spelling your email address absolutely correctly?

Hope you are only using McAfee for the trial period. It doesn't get good reviews nowadays.

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