Hotmail to NTL emails

  DazzlerM 18:04 16 Nov 2005

Cannot receive emails from hotmail users to my NTL email account. This is happening to a lot of people I know, and to others who have posted on other forums on the internet. Have contacted NTL tech support (in India!) and they are less than helpful, insisting it is a Hotmail problem. ALL other emails from ALL other providers are coming through OK. NTL server is clearly blocking Hotmail, but what can I do???

  howard63 19:10 16 Nov 2005

having been very pleased to leave ntl behind when I moved I must say I never had any trouble getting hotmail. Are you going direct to or are you using some other system to obtain your e-mails?

  octal 19:45 16 Nov 2005

I don't think they are being blocked so much as taking ages to arrive. It seems like any web based email sent to NTL is taking an age to get through the system.
For example, I sent myself a message from work on my Lycos account on the web and it arrived about 4 hours later.
I have just sent myself a couple of test emails from my Hotmail and Lycos accounts to see how long they take, I sent these at 19:30 Hrs.

  mole44 20:04 16 Nov 2005

i have no problem with accesing my hotmail account via to say its blocking them is a tad unfair.

  DazzlerM 20:47 16 Nov 2005

Mole,it's not accessing my Hotmail account that's the problem, it's receiving emails from people who have hotmail accounts. I know of at least 3 other people who have this problem, but NTL will not accept it.
The hotmail account holders are first receiving a delay notification, and then a few days later a delivery failure notification. This is because they are not getting past the NTL server. What I need to find out is why, and how can I get NTL to acknowledge the problem?

  octal 06:59 17 Nov 2005

Well, it's been nearly 12 hours since I sent myself emails from both my Hotmail account and Lycos and neither have been received on my NTL account and neither have I received any delay notification. I've tried Yahoo and seems to be working, which surprises me because I get more spam, virus and phishing emails from Yahoo than all the others put together.
You can't seem to contact them via email these days, that facility has been removed off their web site. If its still the same when I get back from holiday I'll wing a letter to the CEO and ask him why its been blocked, I'm not going to call tech support just to be preached to from a script by a clerk sitting 4500 miles away.

  DazzlerM 14:11 17 Nov 2005

Octal, good luck with your letter. Let us know if you get a reply!

Have had an answer on another forum from an NTL employee. He says that Hotmail are on the SORBS blacklist, (to do with spam) and that I need to contact them to be removed from the list. Have done so, but still don't hold out much hope!

  octal 17:49 17 Nov 2005

It doesn't make sense, they've already got a spam filter on the web mail if you want to activate it. I think its a damned cheek and heavy handed to do what they have done.

I'm still looking for an email contact for them, but I don't think I'm going to have any luck.

  Tim1964 17:58 17 Nov 2005

Just sent myself a message from my Hotmail account to my NTL account. It came through straight away. No prob here...

  octal 18:10 17 Nov 2005

I've just had this email returned that I sent myself last night:
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

[email protected]

From: Paul xxxxxx <g4lna @>
To: paul.xxxxxx
Subject: Test
Sent: 16 November 2005 19:22:16

Problem here!

  DazzlerM 18:23 17 Nov 2005

Octal, that is exactly the message I get!

Still waiting from a reply to hotmail......

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