Hotmail login problems

  griffo 21:44 09 Aug 2007

We are having trouble logging into Hotmail. On this PC (XP Home) the login screen appears but when the password is entered we get 'The requested Web page is denied by system administrator'.

On our imac, when we try to connect to click here we get 'http 404 not found'.

Can anyone suggest what the problem/solution is please?

  wee eddie 22:04 09 Aug 2007

I have just checked and not got my usual Log-in Page

  SANTOS7 22:15 09 Aug 2007

griffo's link works fine for me XP Home firefox SP2

  griffo 22:33 09 Aug 2007

what browser are you using please? Could this be IE related? However, the imac uses Safari doesn't it?

  griffo 22:44 09 Aug 2007

Just downloaded Firefox onto the imac - Hotmail won't work on that either!

Santos7 - were you able to login after putting in your password?

  wee eddie 08:00 10 Aug 2007


Sometimes pressure on the Servers is more than they can handle. I would guess it's everybody sending their Holiday Snaps to their mates!

  griffo 09:04 10 Aug 2007

thanks - but it's been like this for a few days now.

  griffo 11:54 10 Aug 2007

Thanks for the reply - yes we've tried that on both the imac and XP PC - same problem on all 4 PC's here!

  griffo 20:43 10 Aug 2007

This is so embarrassing!

I've just remembered that I swapped routers a while back, as I was having a few minor problems and had an identical one as a spare.

I believed they were identically set up as I have used both before with no problems. However, one of my sons came home on a visit and he uses Hotmail. This is when we had the problem.

An impulse made me bypass the router and try an old dial-up account and Hotmail worked! So clearly it was the router. Swapped them back and we're fine.

I'm sorry for wasting your time and thank you for your kind assistance.

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