Hotmail log in routed via ""

  musicbassman 18:01 24 Jul 2008

When I get the usual Hotmail log in page up on screen the message in the status bar immediately says "Waiting for click here" followed by a long string of code. The page then reloads, identical to the first log in page. This all happens in a split second, there is just time to read the status bar info before it disappears again.
Anyone any idea what this is about? I googled this and there is some related information - one guy thinks its to do with the French gendarmerie (???), someone else thinks its part of a targetted banner ad display system for Hotmail. I'm more curious than suspicious.

  musicbassman 18:07 24 Jul 2008

I forgot that this site would say "Click here" instead of printing the web address. Infuriating.
The message in the status bar reads "Waiting for https :/ secure . footprint . net"

  Technotiger 19:03 24 Jul 2008

Sounds dodgy to me, I have a hotmail addy but have never seen anything like that before. I also use MSN as my home page, nothing mentioned there about it either. I just signed in to hotmail, everything as normal for me.

I suggest running all your anti-everything programs as you might have picked up a nastie.

  musicbassman 22:25 24 Jul 2008

Thanks for this, technotiger. I forgot to mention that this only happens on my home computer - when I log into Hotmail on my stand-alone work computer, I don't get this.
What I'm surprised about is that I can't find any useful info on the web about this - I'm sure I can't be the only person who has seen this - or maybe it happens so quickly that other Hotmail users don't notice it and just think the page is auto-refreshing. Weird.

  Ashrich 22:56 24 Jul 2008

Try doing a search for the url you posted comes out to Windows Live Hotmail as opposed to MSN Hotmail !!!


  Ashrich 22:58 24 Jul 2008

Forgot to add this link here .


  musicbassman 22:59 26 Aug 2008

1 month later, I still have exactly the same situation, and I'm still just as curious about this. Anyone else any ideas?
Ashley, sorry, I didn't really understand your comments - if I google https :/ secure . footprint . net" I don't get anything that 'comes out to' Hotmail. Also not sure why you put a link to Hotmail ?? - I think I know what Hotmail is !

  Technotiger 23:07 26 Aug 2008

This is from a quite old forum, so this would seem to have been going on for some time - though I don't think this will satisfy your curiosity, courtesy of Google of course ...

click here

  Technotiger 23:11 26 Aug 2008

Also from Google ... click here

  musicbassman 07:53 27 Aug 2008

Thanks Technotiger - yes I get the same Google results which don't help much.

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