Hotmail to Incredimail

  dtw 13:45 05 Jul 2008

Hope some one can help with this, I have given up all hope of trying to get Incrd' to
I have used Incredemail with previous servers and have had no problems.
Sky is a pain in the neck it takes me ages to download the server, and quite often it says please try later for a connection. I have always used Incredemail (one click on the icon and it's up and running)Plus a good selection of fonts.
thank's DTW

  Technotiger 13:53 05 Jul 2008

So what is your question?

  Technotiger 13:55 05 Jul 2008

In Incredimail go to Tools>Accounts and Add your email address etc then click on Properties -

Under the General tab - your Account Name is .... Hotmail (if you have the paid for version it will be ... Hotmail Plus)

Leave reply address blank. Put a tick in the box ... Include this account when receiving mail.

Under the Server tab, your Server URL is .... (exactly as shown here)

click here (don't click on this link)

Under the Advanced tab you can leave the boxes blank or as the default.

  Technotiger 13:58 05 Jul 2008

click here. com / svcs / hotmail/httpmail. asp

without any spaces, the spaces are just to stop it appearing as a link, like above ... ooops!

  Technotiger 14:00 05 Jul 2008

I still did not put enough spaces ... aaarggghh!

this is the first part of the URL ...

http: / / services . msn without any spaces - I hope this works this time and that you can put the full URL together from among my mish-mash LoL ...

  dtw 21:55 05 Jul 2008

Thanks Technotiger we did every thing you said about ten times and it still wouldn't work. we checked and rechecked it just would not work. I'm using XP pro with AVG and system mechanics, tried turning all off and still not working. Everything looks as if it should. I'm stuck.

  Technotiger 07:18 06 Jul 2008

click here

Perhaps a combination of the directions in your earlier Thread and my directions above?

  Technotiger 07:19 06 Jul 2008

I meant to add - are you still with Sky?

  dtw 08:55 06 Jul 2008

Yes Technotiger I still have Sky, thats the problem I don't find it a very friendly server, I often can't get into it (please try later) and occasionally I get the (your java is disconnected)
could these have something to do with my problems with encredimail to sky.
My son in law came down last night and checked to make sure all the settings were has you said.

  Technotiger 09:17 06 Jul 2008

I am not with Sky, I am with BT and the settings I gave you are exactly the same that I am using with my Hotmail account and Incredimail, which is why I suggested they might work for you.

Others, as seen in your earlier thread, seem to be able to use Incredimail with Sky and the Account details shown by our friend MAT ALAN. So I can't understand why it does not work for you.

I can only guess that the problem is somehow linked to Sky.

  dtw 11:24 06 Jul 2008

Many thanks again technotiger. just got in again thats why long delay in replying to you You said that you use Hotmail with incredimail, I tried that (no go) my son in law said something about paying for something in hotmail, but I'm not sure what he was talking about,....I just use the ordinary, that I got years ago ?
If I can get rid of Sky as an email account and just use hotmail, that would be perfect, as I have told all my friends to use the hotmail email and not the

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