Hotmail/ how do I increase the size of Emails,

  loughneagh 16:54 26 Aug 2007

Hi all , i'm new here , so please be gentle with me.
I like to write long Emails to my friends. i,m with Hotmail and all i can write is about 22 lines of text and i run out of space . How do i fix this please.
Thank you

  SANTOS7 17:24 26 Aug 2007

Welcome loughneagh, I suppose you could write your letter in word and send it as an attachment...

click here

there is a tip in the link that will increase the size of your account as well...

  brundle 17:46 26 Aug 2007

Write your email in Notepad, select the whole thing (Ctrl+A) and paste into Hotmail. I just did that with an 18000 character text file, many more than 22 lines.

  Sea Urchin 18:08 26 Aug 2007

Hi loughneagh

I don't quite understand why you can only type 22 lines of text - you mention that you run out of space. Your basic allocation in Hotmail for your mail is 1024MB which is enough for hundreds of lines. Presumably you realise that you are not restricted by the size of the email box - as you type it will expand to accomodate your text and introduce scroll bars where necessary.

  tullie 18:30 26 Aug 2007

Sea Urchin is right

  wee eddie 18:35 26 Aug 2007

I just gave up after 46 lines.

As has been suggested write your copy on a Word Processor and then use the "Attach > File" function

  recap 22:25 26 Aug 2007

There may be two reasons here, 1) when you are viewing your message body screen, it may look as though you can only write 22 line but in fact all you need do is keep typing as has previously been said here. 2) Go to 'Options' in your Hotmail account and change the settings for your email.

  tullie 23:22 26 Aug 2007

no need for using anything except your hotmail message area,dont over complicate a simple task

  loughneagh 06:46 27 Aug 2007

Hi All and thank you . I have just awoken here in Spain and will investigate all your suggestions, later.
Spain does not wake up , it only yawns.
Muchos Gratias

  loughneagh 15:45 28 Aug 2007

Hi to all you posters in response to my mail problem,Santos,brundle,Sea Urchin,WeeEddie, and tullie, recap you were all very helpful. As you advised ,all I had to do ,when I came to the bottom of the text box was , just keep typing ( doh!)Well I am overwhelmed with your response , what a great site this is and I am sure I will be picking your brains many time in the future, that is if you do'nt mind. Thank you all.

  Sea Urchin 17:54 28 Aug 2007

Delighted to hear that you've sorted this, and much appreciate the thanks. Feel free to "call" again if you need to.

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