Hotmail email messages are gone

  Hetti 11:01 25 Aug 2012

I have two emails addresses one is a Hotmail account but something has happened to this email address, it seems as if my main email has taken over the Hotmail account as my main address is also shown when I access Hotmail from my web browser, I can access the Hotmail inbox OK from there but all my old emails have disappeared, also I'm not receiving any mail from Facebook to Hotmail address.The only mail in the Hotmail inbox is the welcome email you get when setting up a new account. The Hotmail address that is shown there is correct, so any ideas how can I get back to my old email and set account to receive my mail again?

  northumbria61 12:07 25 Aug 2012
  northumbria61 12:22 25 Aug 2012

If the missing messages you refer to have been deleted you may be able to recover them - enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:34 25 Aug 2012

Hetti - you may also need to download the Outlook Social Connector which will allow you to connect with Facebook - there is a Video instruction here for you to follow enter link description here

  Hetti 17:11 25 Aug 2012

Jock1e Can you get them when you sign in here or have you already tried?. Yes i had tried... no good.

Northumbria61 The other suggestions don't help either, but I noticed my email address now has a 1 added, before part of my address was 47 now its 471...its got me baffled. I cannot receive mail to the address at all, I tried to send one but it was not sent but no error message.Correct me if I'm wrong but my old address must be "out there somewhere" how can I get back to my old address?

  northumbria61 22:17 25 Aug 2012

Did you check through ALL of the options listed in the 1st Link I gave you - ie: junk mail folder - making sure your hotmail account is still active.

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