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  britianicus 13:04 25 Apr 2003

I have a Hotmail email account that I have had for a number of years. Every day up until a couple of weeks ago I generally had about 20-30 emails a day exhorting me to enlarge my penis/breasts, clear all my debts without any hassle, earn a fortune without any hassle etc etc. BUT in the last two weeks all this cr*p has stopped. Has MS/Hotmail introduced some new filters?

  nightporter 14:41 25 Apr 2003

"enlarge my penis/breasts" lol. Was this a ladyboy special. Seriously I had the same problem, (e-mails not the, well you know) And I dont get them through hotmail anymore.

  kentylad 14:42 25 Apr 2003

I still get them :-(

  Mango Grummit 14:49 25 Apr 2003

A lot of spammers have now gone to Yahoo or getting revved up to do so. See your mail over next few weeks.

I have not allowed Hotmail on my machines for about nine months now (been blocked, whoever from) but I note that Yahoo is coming in fast now.

Thanks for reminder .... just off to block Yahoo now.

I still get about 10-20 a day.

I thought that Hotmail were supposed to be imposing filters to cut this number down. If they have it doesn't appear to be working very well.

  Goldcroft 15:36 25 Apr 2003

My first experience of hotmail was last Monday when my daughter came to visit and used my machine to access her account. I was amazed by how much pornospam was there and she said it was quite normal. Why does anybody use hotmail when there are so many other alternatives.

Understood from something I read some months ago that even Microsoft were getting perturbed and planned to do something to restore Hotmail's reputation.

  gobi 15:37 25 Apr 2003

hmm...I used to get that 10-20/day spam and junkies in my hotmail.Change to Yahoo account eversince.But noticed now I couldn't block effectively with Yahoo.It keep comin' back.

  PhiltheFragger 15:48 25 Apr 2003

Hotmail have introduced a limit of 100 emails per day to try and cut out the spammers.

Still not going to let it anywhere near my machine

  britianicus 17:35 25 Apr 2003

Goldcroft: Hotmail is great for
1) Hotmail is useful for giving out as an email address for forums etc etc. Just re-directing potential spam. This site does not seem to pass on details and is an added reason for coming here.
2) Hotmail is also good in so much as you can access it from anywhere, I only ever access mine via a browser so that I can delete the 99.9% that need deleting.
3) Sorry I forgot bout the porn.

  britianicus 10:01 09 May 2003

I found the answer. There is a seting within your Hotmail account which will bounce all emails where the senders email address is not in your Hotmail address book. I'm now happily getting even more spam than ever. Hehehehe!

  Ellie3009 11:51 09 May 2003

Lycos is great, I don't know why people overlook it!
I have 2 lycos mail accounts, I can access them through Lycos or through outlook express, and I have never had a single piece of spam mail to either account.

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