Hotmail Diffulties

  David4637 11:30 07 Mar 2008

Hotmail Email Account

I keep getting an internal server error message when Outlook Express (OE) connects to my Hotmail email account –

Account Hotmail Server click here, Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: 'Internal Server Error', Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC3D

In OE / Internet Accounts / Hotmail Properties / Server / Server URL / it has this web address -

click here

Would you look in this dialog box to see whether you have the same address, particularly now that hotmail web site seems to have been upgraded.

Note: 1. Connection worked fine on two separate PCs until three weeks ago. If I try to dial up again 2 to 3 times I usually manage to connect in the end to hotmail.
Note: 2. I can logon to hotmail manually (web page) to look at my emails with no problems.
Thanks David

  David4637 12:30 08 Mar 2008

Anyone had this error 0x800CCC3D when OE connects to hotmail. Hotmail emails are not downloaded back to OE,and web searching virtually come to a stop. If I dial up again it usually works OK. Any ideas please. Thanks David

  howard64 12:33 08 Mar 2008

I use the hotmail service direct with windows live mail the latest thing. If you have not updated to wlm that could be your problem. The service is working fine today. I do not use OE.

  David4637 13:16 08 Mar 2008

Thanks howard, and anyone on these queries -
1. whats the differenece between Windows Live Mail(WLM)and Hotmail ?
2. why do they want us to move to it?
3. Are there snags you have found,or is it OK?
4. is WLM free?
Thanks David

  David4637 13:49 08 Mar 2008

Last query, how can you find where to Hotmail "contact us," so I can query with them what is error code 0x800CCC3D all about? Thanks David

  lotvic 14:19 08 Mar 2008

In OE mines the same as yours h t t p : // (without the spaces)
I haven't updated to windows live mail I still use the classic old hotmail (it keeps asking me to get windows live mail and up to now I click on No not ready to)
I haven't had any problems with collecting mail in OE so don't know why yours is giving error. Sorry I can't be much help.
Mine is old free hotmail from when you could collect in OE (newer accounts don't) and it just carried on.

  howard64 15:21 08 Mar 2008

I kept refusing the wlm but in the end had to as it would no longer work. As it is a free prog if they want you to change eventually you have no choice. There is no point in contacting Hotmail as they do not normally bother to reply. Their idea is that eventually there will just be the one prog as in vista and that is wlm. It works fine but has a few things missing at the moment. I like the emails sorted by from alphabetically but it always defaults to Date and although you can change it the next time you log on it is back to date.

  Technotiger 15:37 08 Mar 2008

click here

click here

I have a Hotmail email address(paid for, only £15 per annum) but do not use WLM nor WLHM nor OE.

I use Incredimail.

  dogbreath1 17:16 08 Mar 2008

I also have a paid for Hotmail account. I paid the premium to enable me to collect my mail through Outlook Express.

However, Windows Live Mail will now collect free Hotmail email.

  lotvic 19:07 08 Mar 2008

well at the mo' I'm the same as David4637, I don't understand how it works so that's why I haven't downloaded it and installed -
does Windows Live Mail replace OE on your computer?
and you don't have OE anymore?

  howard64 12:41 09 Mar 2008

no oe is still there although I do not use it

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