Hotmail a/c hacked

  pbooks 14:25 25 Aug 2008

A friends Hotmail email A/C had been hacked by someone.
I want to know if its possible for a third person(hacker) to get my friends Hotmail email address & send me emails(from hacker) but giving me the impression these are coming from my friend as legitimate emails.
This Hotmail email address of my friend was probably hacked(by the third party) on Saturday 23rd Aug & At that time we were both not aware until I mentioned to my friend that I received her emails(on 23rd Aug) which she stated that she had not sent any to me on that day.
Reason I need to know if it is possible for a third party(hacker) to get my friends Hotmail address on that day is because I received a number of disturbing emails.
The third party(hacker) if there was one, did have my email address prior to hacking my friends Hotmail A/C email address, as the person me & my friend suspect had my friends Hotmail address prior to this occurring.
Need to know if it is possible so then i can inform my service provider.

  rdave13 15:40 25 Aug 2008

It's possible to hack into an account. Tell your friend to run security scans and if clean to change the password.
Free email accounts are not supported usually so informing your ISP won't help.

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