Hotmail Attachments not opening

  SCarpy 10:25 18 Feb 2009


For some reason i cannot open attachments sent to me in my hotmail account on my home laptop but can on my work pc.

I have bitdefender installed on my laptop but dont think that that is blocking it as no message is appearing but i suppose it could be possible.

I imagine it is a interent security setting but nothing is jumping out at me as to what it could be.

If anyone could shed any light on it that would be great.


  mazuk 13:32 18 Feb 2009

Could also be under "set program access and defaults" which has a load of flags for example when i set my default web browser to firefox hyperlinks in outlook wouldn't open because they were set to open with ie, little things like that.

  SCarpy 13:44 18 Feb 2009

Well my work pc is set to custom with "use my current web browser" selected and access ticked on the IE & safari web browser and have always been able to open attachments on hotmail.

I will check my laptop tonight and set it to the same settings if different and see if that does that the trick.

Thanks, will let you know.

  SCarpy 18:03 18 Feb 2009

I have checked the settings on my laptop and they are identical to my work pc, i have even changed the web browser to ie but that didnt solve it. In fact when i went back into program Access & defaults it had automatically reverted back to the old settings i had.

Any other ideas as to what it could be, it must be a setting somewhere!!

  mazuk 08:27 19 Feb 2009

I presume you have adequete software to open these files right? for example being able to open a .doc in word or a .xsl in excel etc? are you able to right click and display "open with" or is this not an option?

  mazuk 08:27 19 Feb 2009

.xls *correction*

  SCarpy 09:27 19 Feb 2009

Well the file is a .nvs file, so not quite sure what that is, a quick google search has not brought much up.

One thing is that i do not have office on my laptop but do at work so it could be that. Maybe you could shed some light on what a .nvs file is.

One other problem that i have just run into on my laptop is that i have been unable to run a .exe file sent to me from a company called ceedo which is software installed on a seagate go drive. (This is also where i got the .nvs file from)
Save the .exe to my pen drive and try it on my work pc and its fine.

i turned off my antivirus & firewall on my laptop thinking that might be blocking it but it still wouldnt run. Any help on these two things would be helpful. Thanks

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