Hotmail -- an alternative?

  driving man 18:59 13 Dec 2006

Am at present using AOL 9a and also have tried Hotmail in order to get I different addresses. Plus AOL hates business use. However Hotmail seems to be tempramental so was wondering if there is another free program I could try


  Technotiger 19:05 13 Dec 2006

Hi, I have been using hotmail for six years, never had any problem with it (my ISP is BT).
I think in your case, the problem probably stems from AOL. I have never used AOL, but several friends have, they changed on my advise and lived happily ever after.

For doing emails I always advise Incredimail which I use. Free download at click here


  Technotiger 19:08 13 Dec 2006

ps - the only thing with Hotmail, you must use it at least once every 30 days, otherwise you have to start from scratch again. Unless you have the paid for version, which is less than £20 per year - well worth paying for IMHO.

  spacecadet 06:27 14 Dec 2006

i use thunderbird and googlemail,

googlemail you need an invitation,pm me if you require one

  gel 06:50 14 Dec 2006

I have used googlemail for last 10 months excellent.
Also try google calendar very good

  driving man 08:35 14 Dec 2006

have looked at google mail and it seems it will do the trick.
Please then I will gladly accept your offer of an invitation


  spacecadet 09:07 14 Dec 2006

no probs click on my yellow envelope and send me a message so i can email the invitation

  birdface 11:19 14 Dec 2006

You could try, Incredimail,I find it Bright ,Colourfull, And easy to use.

  driving man 11:33 14 Dec 2006

thanks to you all


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