Hotmail Accounts with Outlook 2003 or Thunderbird

  Phil930 19:50 12 Jul 2005

I have numerous hotmail accounts and am kind of bored of always logging into them to check whats new and to keep them open (log in atleast once every 30 days). Really, I only use one as primary and the others are there because of the unique name, shopping or other registrations.

However, I wanted to use Outlook 2003, which I just got as I now have Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. Well, wasn't it a kick in the teeth to find out that MS want extra money in order to use hotmail accounts with Outlook.

Is there any way around this? Am i reading it wrong or do MS really want more money off me to use my hotmail account in Outlook?

I started to think of alternatives as I refuse to pay for that and came across Mozilla Thunderbird. Has anyone used this and is it any good? Does it work with hotmail accounts? How does it compare with Outlook 2003 or is it more like Outlook Express?

Finally, by using either outlook or thunderbird will I avoid having to log into these accounts once every 30 days as every time I use the mail software it will automatically check for new mail in these accounts?

Many Thanks for any help in this area.

  Stuartli 20:30 12 Jul 2005

If you go to click here you'll find that the answer is No (scroll down to Hotmail query), along with the explanation.

  Phil930 20:55 12 Jul 2005

Thanks. Is there any way round using Outlook 2003 with Hotmail. Its stupid they want you to pay for this part of it.

  Dennis1 21:05 12 Jul 2005

I use pop peeper to check mine click here another one is click here you can't d/load it but you can autocheck and read it.

  VoG II 21:12 12 Jul 2005
  octal 22:23 12 Jul 2005

I use Freepops which you can configure for any email client which works on any webmail account click here

  Mr Beeline 22:36 12 Jul 2005

While I sympathise with legit. users of Hotmail (me being one).... from what I can gather, this has been done for a very good reason. To try and stop / block the millions of Hotmail accounts that are used by spammers.

Life... whoever said is was fair!

  Stuartli 22:42 12 Jul 2005

Outlook is basically a business orientated e-mail client - Outlook Express is perfectly satisfactory for the majority of users.

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