Hotmail account Hijacked

  Craig-289433 11:21 25 Apr 2006

The contact list from my hotmail account has been hijacked and an email containing a link to a virus has been sent to everyone on the list seeming to be sent from myself.

Is there any way of avoiding this or what is the easiest way of fixing this so that it doesn't happen and how can the email be seen as being sent from myself.

  johnnyrocker 11:32 25 Apr 2006

what av do you have on board? and have you run any scans?


  misog 16:41 25 Apr 2006

I have recently received a mail from a hijacked hotmail account so I am kicking this to the top.

  Craig-289433 16:50 25 Apr 2006

I use Mcfee AV, but it is only the list of contacts from my Hotmail account and not from Outlook Express as they are both different.

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