Hotmail Account!!!

  TonyV 19:12 23 Mar 2012

I have just looked at my account and see there are a bundle of e mails apparently sent by me to people I do contact, but checking the messages it seems as though there has been a quote added like "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying." Woody Allen.

Should I close my Hotmail account and get rid of all the garbage that has flown in?

I haven't opened the majority of messages, but looked at one and assume the balance, 11 messages, will be of a similar nature!



  rdave13 19:33 23 Mar 2012

I'd change the password first to see if this stops. Add characters such as '@' or '%' to the password and make it fairly long. Do you have a favourite quote or ditty you remember? Then use the first letter of the words in the quote/poem as your password and include different characters as well.

  TonyV 20:46 23 Mar 2012


I have just run Superantispyware Pro, and found nothing suspicious. So have done as you suggest and changed the password.

I have to say, that having heard that is renowned for people encroaching on others addresses, I am seriously considering removing the account from my machine. I only use it when I need to put an e mail address in to a web site for whatever reason, and I think this is what has caused the problem this time. Yesterday I was checking up on some insurance costs and used this address then, which makes me wonder whether it is coming from there!!

It may be safer to get rid now and not bother with it.



  rdave13 21:02 23 Mar 2012

Trouble is , with that theory, I've been using Hotmail and Live for years and have had no problems. I know I'm temping fate............ :) One of my old passwords was JaJwuth,Tfapow,Jcd,Abhc,AJcta. You could also add a type of dating to it as well. All easy to remember.

  lotvic 21:05 23 Mar 2012

Before you change the password, in your account details make sure that the alternative email address that they send it to has not been changed and that they have not set up a forward copy of emails to another email address.

  lotvic 21:07 23 Mar 2012

oops too late with my posting :) anyway you have already got it sorted so never mind

  TonyV 00:02 24 Mar 2012

Thanks Fellas!

I have removed it, The problem being that if someone now tries to get me via that address it will no longer come back to me. It seemed as though what had happened, messages were sent out from my address book but some were returned to me because they could not be delivered. Interestingly, there was one from my son who sent a round robin from his office saying he was going to be away on leave, but he never uses that particular address so when I get a chance I will ring and find out if he actually sent it?

Stranger than fiction.


  rdave13 00:11 24 Mar 2012

Looks as if your account had been hacked, or at least, someone knew your password. Deleting it is a closure on the problem I suppose.

  TonyV 16:55 24 Mar 2012

Just to close this out, my son said this morning that his wife opened the e mail and followed the link contained with in and Bingo!! It downloaded an Anti virus programme which was damn near impossible to get rid of. He said he tried every thing but ended up taking his machine into PCWorld for them to restore it for him. Apparently what is loaded is "Microsoft Security Hazard". He wasn't best pleased. I have no idea what was actually contained with in the message apart from the quotations.

I'll close this one out now, and wish the idiots who create these problems the very worst of problems for themselves!! It's a pity they haven't something better to do with their time.



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