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  pj123 12:27 01 Feb 2006

Not too much of a problem, just a bit of a bind.

I and my partner both have Hotmail accounts. Mine is used daily. My parnters is used very rarely.

I have mine set up in OE to check for and download new messages. No problems.

My partner now wants hers to do the same but when I tried to set it up in OE I get an error message saying something like:

"Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at http:// upgrade. msn. com

Account: Hotmail"

When did that happen?

I checked on the Hotmail site but can see nothing about paying for a Hotmail account.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:45 01 Feb 2006

It's been there for quite some time - you likely have had your account and had OE access since before the charges came in.

When did your partner set up the account?

  pj123 13:10 01 Feb 2006

Thanks, Diodorus Siculus. They were both set up at the same time, but "her" hasn't used it for ages because she forgot she had a hotmail account.

The main reason for doing this is because both of us are not getting emails from some people in to our NTL email inbox. I have told most of my contacts to use my hotmail account as well as NTL. So, sometimes I get the same email twice, but if NTL fails at least I get it via hotmail.

I suppose the obvious solution is for "her" to use my hotmail account, although she can access her own account via IE and send and receive messages. It's just a bind to have to go to the hotmail website and log in every time.

  wee eddie 13:13 01 Feb 2006

It falls into abeyance although I believe that you can retrieve the name for about 6 months.

  pj123 13:20 01 Feb 2006

wee eddie, I thought that was the case as well but she hasn't used this account since it was started (over a year ago) and I have just sent two test emails to her and both have been received without having to retrieve anything.

  Gringo2005 14:03 01 Feb 2006

You can upgrade your MSN account, costs about £15 per annum and increases your inbox size, size of attachments and means that the 30 days deletion doesn't apply
Think there are some other benefits but can't remember.

I personally use hotmail as my main account although don't see the point of OE unless you need to read/compose emails whilst on the train or something
These days with broadband as cheap as dial up it's better to just upgrade and use the online accounts.
Better security also as the mails are stored on their secure servers so can access from any PC, anywhere in the world

  pj123 14:10 01 Feb 2006

Gringo2005, I don't pay anything for my Hotmail account. My inbox size is 250mb and I have an attachment limit of 10mb.

Why would I want to pay for a "free" webmail account?

  VoG II 14:14 01 Feb 2006

I have a free Hotmail account and set up OE to access it some years ago. When I came to set up my new PC a few days ago I anticipated having exactly this problem but I did't, I can still access my account via OE.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:52 01 Feb 2006

I access one of my hotmail accounts with my email client (Becky) via a plugin and have done for years. My other account will not let me - that's why I think that it has something to do with when the user first tried to get this access.

  pj123 15:37 13 Feb 2006

Ticking this one as resolved as my partner is now using her Hotmail account quite regularly. So maybe sometime in the future it may work in OE without payment.


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