collinsc 19:23 03 Oct 2007

my hotmail seems to have automatically changed to a different format- which is not compatible with my brwosers at work- does anyone know how to change it back?
if its possible....


  howard64 20:02 03 Oct 2007

they appear to have changed to windows live mail and I do not think you can do anything about it.

  LABMAN 20:26 03 Oct 2007

I have to agree with howard64,

they seem to have decided we are all going to use windows live mail whether we want it or not, it's only a cut down version at the moment as you have to accept the option to use the full free version but I'm afraid I can't find anywhere to say no thank you I want my old hotmail back.

It was there under options a while back when I first tried windows live mail and decided it wasn't for me and changed back but I can't find anything at all now.

  eedcam 22:33 03 Oct 2007

You cant and they wont even acknowledge any queries about it

  collinsc 08:18 04 Oct 2007

ok cheers- is anyone else havnig problems gettin in when using certain browsers?

  oldbeefer2 08:37 04 Oct 2007

Yes - I joined while on holiday in Oz last month. Worked for the first day from hotel computer, but wouldn't recognise my password on subsequent attempts.

  collinsc 14:10 04 Oct 2007

hmm interesting- so os it something to do woth the coding and/or secured server settings?

there are other sites at work which i cant access either.

i.e. i can access barclays fantasy premier site- but i cant actually sign in... is this to coding reasons/ secures servers settings? (what sort of coding)? i am intrigued...!

  octal 14:31 04 Oct 2007

I've tried Opera, Firefox and Konqueror and it works fine on all of those, what browsers are you using at work? Maybe the sites been added to the companies firewall.

  collinsc 15:05 04 Oct 2007


Why is it i can get on a site- but i cant access certain areas.
is that coding for the site?
surely it wouldnt be an internal firewall is the WHOLE site would be blocked....

  collinsc 18:15 04 Oct 2007

so they can set it so that "ANY SITE using javascript will not run" ?

  TeamChris1981 21:23 04 Oct 2007

Luckily enough I havent had any major problems with windows live mail yet but I do have java and everyhting enabled.
The only thing is with it seems really slow sometimes, especially when logging on.

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