linguina 16:35 20 Mar 2003

I recently left the country to move to the continent (ITALY) and I brought my PC with me.
After using my PC for few hours I realized that my machine was quite hot specially my HDDS. I have an AMD Athol xp 1900, a m/b KR7A - RAID, 512gb RAM and 2x40gb HDDS. Is it normal?
If I monitor my system with the software provided (Hardware Doctor) I see the CPUs temperature up to 60ish degrees (the limit is 70) and so the general system temperature is quite hot as well so I have to leave the case open to improve the air flow and the CPU temperature goes down to 50ish.
Could this be caused by the voltage? and if so what about the HDDs? They are really hot...
Thanks for the help


  Diemmess 17:54 20 Mar 2003

You say "Could this be caused by the voltage?"
Not if the computer runs normally, because the PSU governs the voltage in its output very accurately..................
Have a look at the mechanical layout inside your box.

It is really just commonsense, to be sure that all fans are clean and running at a likely speed.
If the fan blades are thick with dust, their efficiency falls away dramatically. Any grilles likewise need gentle vaccing or blowing or a flick with a soft paintbrush.

Then by no means least, be sure you don't have data and other cables forming a warm cosy over the HDD, (tie them out of the way) and if you have room, space things out as much as you can. It doesn't look so neat but you are making a smooth air passage for a very light draught.

  powerless 18:06 20 Mar 2003

You live in ITALY, that's your problem.

If i'm not mistaken Italy is a much warmer place than the UK. So room temperature will be higher than the UK.

  linguina 09:46 22 Mar 2003

Cheers guys...
I thought about it and the temperature here can get much higher... and we are just in march. I don't want to know what is going to be in summer...
Do you think that changing the cpu fan for a faster one could help. The one I have now goes around 4.600/4.800 rpm, is it enough considering I have an Atholn xp 1900?


  Big Elf 10:43 22 Mar 2003

I found that a £13 cooling fan on each of my hard drives reduced the reported temperature of the drive by up to 18o Celsius

  linguina 14:05 22 Mar 2003

Thanxs for the tip

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