Hot Hard Disks

  Kudu 14:37 05 Feb 2003

I have 2 large hard disks against each other in the small bay & they are becoming so hot you can barely touch the metal surround with your hand.
I think a solution would be to move one of them between the DVD & CDR.
I've had no luck tracing a mounting kit for the larger bay.
Anyone help. Thanks.

  BrianW 14:53 05 Feb 2003

I have moved mine into the 51/4 inch bays at the top of the my tower system. I used floppy disc mounting kits I got from PC World. With a bit of carefull filing to extend one set of holes it did the job perfectly. Cost about £10.00. If you want to really cool things down PCW (and others I'm sure) provide proper HD mounting / cooling kits from about £12 / HDD to around £30 /HDD. This provide cooling / sound damping and fit directly into your 51/4 inch bay. Just moving the HDD cools the whole system down if you have a large enough tower. I'm sure the cooling kits work well - I just couldn't justify the cost as a pensioner.

  BRYNIT 14:57 05 Feb 2003

Try a hard drive caddy about £18 will fit in
5 1/5 bay

  tran1 15:01 05 Feb 2003

If your looking to buy brackets to mount your 3.5 hard drive into the 5.25 space:

click here

click here

They cost a couple of pounds. However, its better to look for a local PC accessories supplier as it won't incur delivery charges for such a small thing.

You could also buy special Hard drive coolers (fans) to keep things cooler.

  Kudu 15:20 05 Feb 2003

Thanks for info.I thought about a caddy but think the enclosure would make disk hotter.Will try local PCW tonight & if they have none will order online & i think a hard drive cooler is a must.
Thanks for your help.

  sailingby 16:41 05 Feb 2003

Lion Li caddies come with a small fan on the rear end which helps the cooling process.~£20.00. they also make HD coolers with big heat sink & 2 fans which make quite a racket.
Maplins sell HDD fans which fix on the underside & take power from the HDD power input. ~£12.00. I'm using these now.

  woodchip 16:43 05 Feb 2003

Sometimes you can sling them from the bottom of the bracket on four screws

  Diemmess 17:02 05 Feb 2003

This is not sound engineering but it is cheap!

Simply screw the HD to one side of the large the time the cables are connected there will be no shake or movement.... It may be slightly out of level but what matters is good ventilation.

You don't punch or kick the box anyway when it is running ~~~~~~~~~~ do you?

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