Hot external drive

  montyburns 21:04 15 Aug 2004

At work we are running two laptops with Maxtor external 250Gb hard drives (on USB) as archives

These drives both get VERY hot - they are on for about 7 hours a day

Is this normal?

Should we be worried?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:11 16 Aug 2004

I have 2 and you can fry eggs on them. They have been on for 2 years or so.


  Chegs ® 05:03 16 Aug 2004

Anyone want to offer a "ballpark" or safe maximum temperature for a hdd? I have 2x SATA internal hdd's that have singed my fingers before now,I was that concerned at their temps,I have fitted extra fans.I have a hdd temp monitoring app,with a "popup" to alert me when the temps exceeded a predetermined figure and even set to the apps max of 70°C it started throwing up alerts so I ceased using it.

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