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  Webgnr8 23:28 23 Mar 2008

Hi, I have been given the task of creating a brand new web site for my RC Helicopter club. Our existing site is old and basic. click here and the webmaster for that site is no longer interested in maintaining it. The club owns the domain name which i will use for my site. The software i will be using is WebSiteX5 Evolution. I have the trial version while i am waiting for the CD to arrive, but wondering what opinions others have on the software and do i have to choose a hosting company that will be compatible with it or will any hosting company do. If so, what hosting company do you recommend?
I know there are a few techie webie people out there who will say it`s rubbish and i should learn some html and css and all the rest of it.. but i`ve got what i got and only after advice for the above mentioned. Anyone published a site using WebSiteX5 Evolution? Let me know how you got on please.

  Kemistri 23:59 23 Mar 2008

You can use any host as you see fit, but I strongly recommend that you avoid like the plague any that do not offer important and common features such as PHP (you will need that to operate any forms, obviously). I use Heart and Web Mania.

As for software, if you want to use it, it is always wise to go with something that actually makes it easier to produce good results from both a technical and creative standpoint. Whether it is for an amateur website or commercial effort, that still applies. Try Expression Web or maybe DW (old, not quite as easy to use, but still good). Or NOF as a third choice.

  Rose 07:31 24 Mar 2008

Hi Webgnr8
I've created a couple of sites using WebSiteX5 Evolution click here and click here and I love the program! To borrow a phrase 'it does what it says on the tin'. A joy to use, no stress needed and a decent enough website in next to no time. I use Heart Internet to host both sites and it's been plain sailing all the way. The program makes uploading the website a piece of cake and imlementing changes is equally stress free. This is a lovely way to learn about web design while allowing you to produce decent results quickly and easily. Enjoy the experience and please let us have a look at your finished result. Have fun!

  Forum Editor 08:03 24 Mar 2008

what Kemistri has said. WebSiteX5 Evolution has very much been designed with the amateur in mind, and there's nothing wrong with that. The software isn't capable of producing much more than a basic site however, and you may find that as you become more familiar with it you'll want a bit more by way of versatility.

To my mind you can't beat NetObjects Fusion for an introduction to web design and development. It is friendly enough for a beginner, with literally hundreds of available 'ready to go' templates, yet it has more than enough power and facilities to keep pace with you as your skills develop.

  Webgnr8 12:25 24 Mar 2008

Thanks Kemistri for your response. Many others on other threads have said Heart is best and i think i shall go with them now that i know WebSiteX5 is compatible with them. I already have DW which i bought with Home Learning College course. When i reached CSS in the course, my brain started to overload. I`m a bit thick you see. I can therefore appreciate that if you have mastered DW with the intention of producing web sites for a living, that you would be unhappy about the "do it yourself in easy steps" affordable software that is going about! I will master DW one day but in the immediate future, WebSiteX5 will do for my Heli Club.

  Webgnr8 12:40 24 Mar 2008

"can't beat NetObjects Fusion for an introduction to web design and development."

Thanks Forum Editor. Which version is compatible with Vista please? And how much is it?

As i have said "I`ve got what i got" but i may consider NO`s in the future when i find WS X5 is not capable of producing what i want.

  Webgnr8 12:54 24 Mar 2008

"To borrow a phrase 'it does what it says on the tin'. A joy to use, no stress needed and a decent enough website in next to no time."

Thanks Rose. Yep. That`s exactly what i`m after. And i reckon Heart is the one for me when the time comes.

Oh. Cool sites by the way. One of the things i want to include in my site is a forum for club members and visitors to ask each other Heli related questions. How would i go about that please? Do i create it myself or is there a forum provider?

  Rose 17:57 24 Mar 2008

Hi Webgnr8

I've not yet tried adding a forum to any site I've created but it's something I'm going to have to tackle soon. I picked up this link click here from an answer given on this site to someone asking how to do just that so I recommend you have a look and see what you can make of it. I think the trick to remember here is that you can add HTML code to your WebSiteX5 creation so provided you have the relevant code you can include it in your site e.g. you can add the Google Analytics code to keep track of the number of hits your site gets. Also remember there is a reasonable forum on the Incomedia website where you can go for help and advice. Start simple and keep an eye on the excellent advice given on this forum. Eventually you'll hit on ideas and how to implement them without going grey in the process. Just take your time, you'll pick things up as you go along and will very quickly have an operational website that you can very easily chop and change as inspiration hits....

  Kemistri 18:24 24 Mar 2008

"Which version is compatible with Vista please? And how much is it?"

It's v10 - click here - but why spend out on another product when you already have DW? NOF is certainly better than some of the rubbish out there, but it's only worthwhile to someone who already owns DW if they don't do graphics and need to rely on its styles.

  Forum Editor 18:25 24 Mar 2008

available for NOF at the moment - 50% off the full version until March 31st.

click here for more information.

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