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  joelmb 08:48 07 Feb 2004

Hi. i'm currently using Fasthosts and have done for a few years, with some problems, but now run only two domains and they're fine.
However my package (Home standard), costing £40 to £50 a year, doesnt support MySQL and they charge an extra £50 to set it up, which seems a bit steep!

Anyone know of a decent hosting co. who offer php/mysql with decent service for around £50 per annum? I so far checked webfusion who offer mysql as standard but they're more expensive at £80pa for an equivalent "home" account.

  Taran 09:07 07 Feb 2004

click here and check out their Enhanced Virtual Server and Super Virtual Server accounts.

  Talented Monkey 13:22 07 Feb 2004

My favourite hosting company:
click here

you amy also like to look at click here

  ktheed1 16:12 07 Feb 2004 brilliant service you get cpanel and they have always got on special offers i use them for my site click here & click here & click here

  joelmb 12:29 09 Feb 2004

those you suggest look good! i am slightly suspicious about web-mania however- how so cheap? must be some catch i.e over subscribed shared space or something.

i think webattention looks a better more reliable outfit. whats their support like? can you ring and speak to someone when things go wrong?

  Talented Monkey 13:42 09 Feb 2004

With Web-mania I have my own views on why it is so cheap for couple of reasons, Firstly the company is around 10 years old, and I guess they have paid for a lot of their older hardware and anything they get is profit, they also seem to skimp on a few bells and whistles such as only having an in house written control panel to change and access only the basic features.

From my experience, it is however a reliable service and runs without any problems or hidden extras, perfectly fine if you want a cheap host to just put up a website up and forget about it.. If you want to have more features that you can tinker with and enjoy playing around then look elsewhere.

I am very Impressed with web attentions support. Yes they do have a proper telephone number you can call for help, its on the bottom of their contact page, I have never used the phone to contact them before but relied on internet based support. On top of the standard email addresses, they have a ticket support system when you log into your account, forums and even by MSN Messenger.

On the occasions I have requested something or ask for help I have received most replies in under an hour sometimes almost instant reply. A couple took a bit longer around 4 hours but I did prioritize the message as a request for info rather than an urgent request, and another was sent at 4am!

Hope this helps and please feel free to ask more opinions!

  xplogos 16:32 16 Feb 2004

I have three sites with click here and they offer just about everything you could want for $60 a year (Mysql, php, online control panel, free subdomains, unlimited email addresses etc).

I'm yet to find anyone better. Also with the strong pound against the dollar at the moment it's about £35 for a years hosting...

Oh, and every site you host after the first only costs $40..

I know this sounds like a sales pitch but I have honestly never been happier with a host - they even answer all support emails within 24hrs!


  openlux 18:48 19 Nov 2004

Well my company, Openlux offers great hosting. Cheapest scripting supported plan is £20.00 p/a.

the reason we are so cheap is because in this line of business, the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. We bulk ordered everything, from servers to bandwidth, so we canb afford to offer it at a lower price.

click here

  Taran 00:28 20 Nov 2004

And the point still remains that this forum is not for advertising and/or any form of self-promotion.

With all due respect, you can claim that your company offers great hosting (and well it may) but since (by your own admission in another thread) it has been running for days rather than years it is impossible to declare that as an accurate statement based on level of service provided over time.

I sincerely wish you every success with your venture, but this is a help forum, not an environment where we can push our own wares onto those asking for help.

  Taran 00:43 20 Nov 2004

Since you are so keen on offering hosting and web design services which, according to your site you also offered in the past, perhaps it may be an idea to ensure that your site has no dead links.

The 'Professional Host Gold' link leads to a completely empty page, without even an error message.

The 'Testimonials' link leads to an error page, reading "Sorry, there has been a page error

The server could not complete your request.

The script or file you are trying to call may be incorrectly written.

The host may be having a problem currently.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.

Click Here to try another link."

Not very inspiring when the Openlux domain is actually in disguise and that there are dead links on the very site offering hosting services.

I've checked the pages in alternative browsers on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS 10.3, SuSE and Fedora Linux) and they are consistently broken over all tests.

Just thought you should know about it.


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