A host of problems - XP

  hossboss 14:26 16 Nov 2005

Trying to be brief ... uninstalled Norton to put in new version (instructions from mate) - couldnt get it working. Installed AVG - that removed 5 trojans.

Now I have no Windows Media Player (internal application error). I can get online but cannot get onto some pages eg msn.co.uk, windows updates, actual emails. System Restore produces a blue box with nothing in it. Search from Start menu is the same (just the assistant).

I'm almost certain that Windows hasnt updated since February this year (auto updates on).

Any downloads I've done have been scanned before opening.

Have since installed Spybot and Adware SE. Adware has 16 items in quarantine. Spybot is running again now.

PC health (free online scan) says its found nearly 5000 errors but now wants the money to remove them - but would it work??

Suggestions so far have been a new hard drive or system re-install.

Ideas anyone - very open to suggestions to avoid the above ideas!!

  keewaa 14:33 16 Nov 2005

I highly recommend a restore / reinstall of XP ... whatever is suitable for your PC as the manufacturers provide different options these days ... if it has a restore partition pressing F10 repeatedly on immediate boot should open it.

If it came with a restore disc use destructive recovery as your files are a risk now too

If it came with a reinstall disc use that.

Or if you have a full copy of XP use that.

What computer & model is it, and how old?

  hossboss 14:39 16 Nov 2005

it's a local PC shop 'home build'. 80 gb hard drive, 448mb ram. It's actually not that old - but has already had a new hard drive, motherboard, fan, memory ...

The neighbour usually does all the necessaries for me - but he's gone 'quiet' ... and is unavailable.

Would it be safe to buy a copy of XP and re-install it?

Or do I cut my losses and buy a new system?

  PaulB2005 14:42 16 Nov 2005

Did you not get a CD and holographic sticker with that build?

I'm currently trying to repair a system with the same symptoms. 2 years of no updates or Anti Virus / Spyware has resulted in a lot of damage to the system files. SR and Search work as you describe and it's very quirky.

Going to do a reinstall from scratch.

  phono 14:46 16 Nov 2005

First check to see if some system files are not corrupt or missing by running the System File Checker.

Click Start then Run, type the following in the Open field without the quotes, "sfc /scannow" have your XP CD handy as it may be required to replace any missing or damaged files.

  hossboss 14:49 16 Nov 2005

no CD - is one of their 'specials'! Get the box and that's it ... that's where the neighbour usually helps ...

Have been running Norton for the last 12 months - and religiously done the scans.

Can get a copy of XP for £70 - will that resolve all the problems or will there still be issues to resolve?

Time to 'offload' all the files etc do you think??

  ^wave^ 14:53 16 Nov 2005

try and do a sytem restore to a date when it was working

  PaulB2005 14:55 16 Nov 2005

"System Restore produces a blue box with nothing in it."

  phono 14:58 16 Nov 2005

If I was you I would back up any valuable data, buy the XP CD and do a complete format and reinstall of Windows.

Better still go back to the supplier and demand a genuine XP CD from them, they have probably installed a "hacked" version of XP which would most likely explain why you have not got any updates.

To buy a computer without some sort of restore CD or complete version of XP is false economy.

  dazza39 15:02 16 Nov 2005

I agree with Phono,get a Genuine copy of Windows XP and reformat/re-install from scratch,also get hold of Service Pack 2 as well.

  hossboss 15:06 16 Nov 2005

just removing all my files now.

What do I need to do after that?? Complete novice at this lot ...

I have got use of laptop to get copy of SP2.

Will the virus/worm/problem still be in the hard drive after re-installing??

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