host name not found (xp pro)

  User-6FAD0298-AD15-4C4D-822E03BC3B89AC47 13:38 14 Jan 2004

I have PC running XP professional on a small LAN, which recently lost it's ability to find servers by name. The problem effects all programs from IE to ping from command prompt. It's fine using ip addresses and other machines are not effected.

What might cause this?

Could cool web search browser hijacker (recently removed) have done this?

  vinnyo123 15:05 14 Jan 2004

As for your LAN check to see if you have file and print sharing and client for microsft networks still installed. Also the identification tab see if it still has a unique name.Also check to see if netBEUI is still installed.Highlight nebeui and then properties clients for microsoft networks and file and print sharing should be binded to card.This is for sharing with names in a Microsoft workgroup LAN.

Now it seems like you said it is happening on the WAN using IE if you can veiw sights using IP addresses and not domain names then most likely your winsock files are corrupt.Post back with some results and you'll get more help....

  spikeychris 15:39 14 Jan 2004

What makes you think NetBEUI was ever installed? its not by default.

  vinnyo123 15:48 14 Jan 2004

He said it was working BEFORE and unless he has a DNS server on his LAN ,I am pretty sure it was installed if he was finding host by name .Lets wait for his response first.Then maybe we can try to help .....

Thanks for that,

Not sure what NetBUEI is, I'll look it up later.

Workgroup settings: client and sharing are both ticked. (we share a printer and a few files)

Slight confusion, I should have been clearer

Internet explorer and other apps only required IPs for sites hosted on our own file servers. (we have a browser interfaced application) external www sites names were resolved OK.

Any more ideas?

  spikeychris 16:11 14 Jan 2004

vinnyo123, do you mean, "NetBIOS"

  vinnyo123 03:19 16 Jan 2004

NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) is a program that allows applications on different computers to communicate within a local area network (LAN). It was created by IBM for its early PC Network, was adopted by Microsoft, and has since become a de facto industry standard. NetBIOS is used in Ethernet and Token Ring networks and, included as part of NetBEUI, in recent Microsoft Windows operating systems. It does not in itself support a routing mechanism so applications communicating on a wide area network (WAN) must use another "transport mechanism" (such as Transmission Control Protocol) rather than or in addition to NetBIOS

  hugh-265156 03:37 16 Jan 2004

what firewall are you using?

"allow dns resolving" is the option you want to enable i think.

im not sure so may be very wrong.

  vinnyo123 04:02 16 Jan 2004

let us please understand ,you are running server or servers with (browser interfaced apps.)You cannot share or find the server by name from only the xp host?

then you say "Internet explorer and other apps only required IPs for sites hosted on our own file servers."

does this mean you want to use names rather then IP's?

Or clients cannot find your servers over WAN?

you seem to definitly have a DNS problem somewhere!!!!!
post back..

What a can of worms, let me start again. this might go on a bit but hopefully povides the info you need to point me in the right direction

I have 4 identical PCs networked via a 3com 10/100 switch Internet connection is provided by router attatched to same swich.

Now this is where it gets slightly more complicated....

Also attatched to the switch is an old HPUX server which as far as the PCs go, provides only mail server and file server functions. (There are terminals which access a proprietry server software package but this is not important)

Also attached is a new Dell server (RH Linux) which runs the browser interfaced software mentioned previously. The DEll server will ultimately replace the HP one, but for the moment they run in parallel while we trial the software.

Now, until recently, there have been no problems but now 1 pc can only find other network nodes by IP and not name. All other computers are uneffected. it finds external websites by name no problem.


  spikeychris 11:00 16 Jan 2004

vinnyo123, whats with the exclamation marks,!!!!! I am fully aware what NETBIOS is and does, I am also fully aware that netBEUI is not installed on XP by default because its not needed for anything, there's no advantage to adding it. TCP/IP on a Windows network is enough unless IPX is needed for networked games.

Microsoft has also discontinued support NetBEUI and are you really saying that you need NetBEUI installed to use host by names??

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