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  tonyx1302 21:20 15 Apr 2007

A few days ago, VoG posted a small prog that stops banners/ads appearing when opening websites like this one. I d/l it and it worked very well but I would like to revert back but am unable to find the post that it relates to and a system restore hasn't worked either. How do I get my banners/ads back please ?



  p;3 21:23 15 Apr 2007

you WANT your banners and ads back?

or is something wrong with your comp?

  MAJ 21:25 15 Apr 2007

In the event you do not wish to continue using the MVPS HOSTS file, you can simply delete the
existing HOSTS file and rename HOSTS.MVP to HOSTS (no 3-letter extension). You can find the files in the: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc" folder.

  tonyx1302 21:26 15 Apr 2007

No not really, but I have noticed that a few of my regular sites that I visit don't seem to open as quickly and wondered if that was the reason


  p;3 21:26 15 Apr 2007

as far as I am aware, to remove it just navigate to it in you c drive (depending on your version of windows, ) and select and delete it then reboot; BUT make sure you have selected the right item before you DO delete it

  Technotiger 21:27 15 Apr 2007

Hi, in IE, Tools>Popup Blocker ... (On/Off/Manage)

  p;3 21:27 15 Apr 2007

can you give a link TO a site that is giving you problems? I too am on Hosts ....

  tonyx1302 21:33 15 Apr 2007

Hi folks. Some of the sites are Direct/
Sorry Technotiger.Not in Popup Blocker
Maj Trying to locate it in C now


  p;3 21:37 15 Apr 2007

click here I have opened this one with no problems AND with Hosts installed

  tonyx1302 21:37 15 Apr 2007

Had a peep in system32/drivers etc. Like a minefield to an ignoramus like me so won't go there !


  tonyx1302 21:45 15 Apr 2007

Hi p:3 Gave up on it after a couple of minutes. It tells me it is trying to open 'Opening page' but all I get is a blank screen


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