Host after attack, requires new username and PW

  Diemmess 19:45 11 Sep 2008

I had invaluable help here a few years back when as a complete beginner I took over a parish website and rebuilt the thing using NetObjectsFusion (now version 9).

Everything plugs along fine, I don't really understand what I'm doing, but then I didn't need to!
I have merely kept the domain updated and other minor editing.

Then this month, Eukhost the host company has had a hack attack, and requires all customers to set new user names and passwords.
When I try to "test connection" or publish to the site, I see virtually the same error - "Connection failed" or cannot connect to website OK......
I have spent a major part of today asking EukHost for help and trying (with NOF) to carry out the procedures which will allow me to publish to the website again.

I believe the host end is sorted but not sure what changes to make to the NOF settings to allow me to publish any changes to the site.

If anyone is familiar with NOF 9, could you please tell me what changes I must make in the list of (publish) settings?

  Diemmess 10:23 12 Sep 2008

I had spent too much of yesterday head banging while trying to cooperate with the help from EukHost.
By the end of yesterday I had full new settings in Cpanel and assurances that Eukhost had corrected them and here they are..etc...etc.!

Not bad for delayed (satellite) conversation with middle India, plus frantic typing with Live-Chat using terms I don't understand.

So I kept returning to NOF in my PC trying small or large alterations, all to be returned as Can't connect errors.
Mentally tattered, I posted this thread and switched off.

Today, read your post and checked the "publish" list item by item, but everything looked OK just as I left it last night.
So with nothing to lose I selected "Check Connection in NOF and > > > > > > > > confirmed successful connection!


Why this delay between changing something and the response which can be hours or overnight?

It has happened in the past when an update is seen almost instantly by others looking at the site, but will not show on my computer until I have cleared all temp files and Aol. cache, or waited several hours. Even that blip belongs to the past (or so I thought until yesterday)!

  Diemmess 09:28 13 Sep 2008

My own guess (knowing too little to make profound statements)is that the hardware and procedures to alter the settings with the host, were taking place in chunks at quite widespread intervals.

In future and similar diffculties, I will try to remember to say "Bother it", shut down, go outside and do something useful!

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