horrid noise

  peppercorns 18:46 29 Nov 2007

i have had a hi grade pc for the last year, it has started making a really loud whirring noise,which i think could be the fan .... are they expensive to sort

  sunny staines 18:51 29 Nov 2007

they are cheap but you need to check which fan is it the CPU FAN - GRAPHICS FAN - OR CASE FAN ?

open the case and listen carefully.

  Kemistri 20:14 29 Nov 2007

If the fan is to blame, take the opportunity to replace it with a good quality example that has sealed bearings. I have always been very happy with Accousti-fan. click here

  Diemmess 09:03 30 Nov 2007

As sunny staines, first decide for sure WHICH fan is making the noise.

A crude but harmless way to check:

Roll a paper spill, like a drinking straw and poke it at each fan in turn to stall the fan.

It is possible the noise will not return, but at least you will know the culprit.
Don't trust any fan which needs this sort of poke-start to run quietly.

  keef66 10:08 30 Nov 2007

In the past I made the mistake of assuming it was the cpu cooler making a groaning noise, so I replaced it only to find the noise still there. Turned out to be the tiny cooling fan on the puny graphics card. (hard to see cos the card faced downwards) I took to periodically removing the card and very carefully oiling the fan bearing, until I could afford to replace the whole thing with a better graphics card.

A really loud noise suggests to me either something actually hitting the fan blades, or a hard disk on the way out.

Open up the case and start the thing up. If the culprit isn't immediately obvious, use a bit of flexible tubing or a rolled up sheet of paper as a stethoscope to help locate the exact source of the noise.

  crosstrainer 12:36 30 Nov 2007

Often caused by the small chipset fan, which runs at a higher RPM on a regular basis. But could also be the sympton of a dying hard drive....Do you have S.M.A.R.T. enabled in your BIOS setup?

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